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We record your Twitter spaces, clean the audio, then catalog it here. It then spreads to all major podcast platforms for future generations to learn from. This is our history. This is our future.

TerraSpaces and IBC Spaces Proudly Present the Ether
Welcome to The Ether!

The Ether is where the space audio ends up. Whenever you tell us about a Twitter Space or Discord meeting, we’ll get it on the public schedule, record it, clean up the audio, and send it to the Ether.

A bunch of mystical, mathematically quantum black hole physics magic happens here, and a few hours later the audio is accessible on all major podcast platforms.

Explore the Ether!

If you are searching for audio from a particular protocol or person, try the search box. Type in the name and it should bring up any transcripts or audio we have catalogued. You can also join the TerraSpaces Telegram channel and ask for help finding a space.

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If you would like to schedule your Twitter Space to make sure it gets recorded, you can use this form and we’ll be in touch, or just find us on Telegram, or Twitter. This is the most efficient way to get our attention.

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