Welcome to TerraSpaces.org! We are creating a network of shows and content utilizing the power of interns to provide information about the Terra blockchain. It is our aim to help educate the public and bring visibility to all the big brain, world changing projects in the Terra ecosystem.


Our flagship show, the TerraSpaces podcast, will provide a platform for interviews and discussions with all of the projects in the Terra ecosystem.

The premise of the show is that we’ve been “given” a brand new Space Loot ship once they got their matter re-programmer working. So now Finn and friends fly around the galaxy in it, looking for interesting planets, projects, and sentient life forms to have a chat with.

Whispers by the Watercooler

Whispers by the Watercooler is a show that takes you inside the heart of Intern Capital, and the whisperings one might hear hanging out next to the watercooler. I hear these guys have the best alfalpha.

The Pudcast

The Pudcast is a show focused on the NFT ecosystem on Terra. Hosted by a bunch of dicks from projects you’ve seen on NFT sites like Knowhere.art and Randomearth.io, and Talis.art.

The Ether

The Ether is our Twitter Space recording podcast. Whenever you tell us about a cool Twitter Space we should be recording, as long as we aren’t already recording one, we’ll hop in, record it, clean up the audio, then post it on the Ether.

If you would like to schedule your Twitter Space to make sure it gets recorded, you can use this form and we’ll be in touch.

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