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TerraSpaces was initially created to archive and make freely accessible all of the Terra Twitter spaces that people were missing (pre crash). Fast forward just over a year later and TerraSpaces has become a multichain, chain agnostic, searchable repository editing and archiving crypto focused discussions covering hundreds of DeFi and NFT protocols, projects, and ecosystems. At the time of this writing there is over 4,000 archived spaces in the audio vaults.

Finn has likened TerraSpaces to the proverbial “fly on the wall.” Finn says, “Imagine if someone would have been recording the conversations that took place back in the long long ago, when the pirates of Silicone Valley were brainstorming and building out their hopes and dreams in their garages. These spaces are basically our modern day version of those conversations, but for the next stage of technological evolution. I’m archiving and creating a historical record through these spaces and conversations. Our renaissance will not be forgotten.”

Here’s a few good chats to start with if you would like to learn more about Finn.


The conversations recorded and archived here in the TerraSpaces audio vaults are the seeds of this evolving technological revolution we are all a part of.

If you enjoy the music at the end of the episodes, you can find the albums streaming on Spotify, and the rest of your favorite streaming platforms. Check out Project Survival, Virus Diaries, and Plan B wherever you get your music.

Thank you to everyone in the community who supports TerraSpaces.