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Welcome back to the Tegridy News Tegridy Review space wrap up clip show! This is a test run to see how long it really takes to slap together a twitter space clip ICYMI sorta thing. This shit was written and recorded on May 28th 2023.

Here’s some of the spaces we covered this week, some have clips, and some we’re just letting you know about. We’re open to any and all feedback on the direction this should go. Which spaces do you want featured? Are you good with me picking them? Check out the full schedule of spaces here.

May 23rd

Orbital Command had their weekly space the Alliance Hour discussing alliance possibilities and potentials.

Fishmarketacademy with Carbon and Demex shares some alpha on how far along they are with Carbon and forming an alliance with Migaloo.

Sen Com tries to explain Alliance to someone who’s never heard of it before in one sentence. Not bad, now can you explain it to us in more than one sentence?

Fishmarketacademy explains to us what Alliance means to him.

Zion with TFL explains a core difference between Alliance and Interchain Security.

RAC FM released five recorded episodes this week starting on the 23rd with the Neck Syndicate, featuring Eric “The Neck” Waisanen, Syndicate Mike, and Steven Ward discussing everything from the sad state of cosmos project tokenomics, to proof of stake being broken, to the work in progress that is the Archway tokenomics.

Would you rather have VC’s or Founders dumping on you? Syndicate Mike, over to you…

Steven Ward has some thoughts on a founder’s background.

Later in the space good ol Cosmos Joe looks like he has some pearls of wisdom to add. Joe, what’s going on?

Syndicate Mike sharing some thoughts on experience. Some things you just can’t teach.

Steven Ward shares some thoughts on DeFi as a tool acting as a force for good.

Quicksilver and Shade Protocol had a space about Quicksilver pools and incentives on Shadeswap.

Red Eyed Bear talking about some cross chain arb opportunities that should be popping up on Shadeswap.

Carter explains why pairing to silk vs shade token was prioritized for the majority of the liquidity pools on Shadeswap.

Axelar hosted a space discussing cross-chain liquid staking and liquidity on Arbitrum with Camelot and Stride.

First up, a quick ELI5 on Stride and what issue liquid staking solves.

Let’s hear what IronBoots from Camelot has to say in response to the question from Axelar, asking, from a DEX perspective, thinking about what that looks like in terms of cross chain stable coins and the ability to have natively cross chain USDC or other stables in the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Secret Spaces had a space with SCRT Labs discussing the latest Secret Network upgrade.

Stargaze had a community space chatting about some new features coming to Stargaze, and having a conversation about the future of the chain.

Psydelve hosted a psychedelic discussion with the Psychedelic Scientist, McGill University neuro science PhD candidate, Manesh Girn. If you aren’t aware, Psydelve is a Polygon NFT project that supports the legalization and research of psychedelics.

Rebel DeFi hosted an episode of Punk FM featuring Ryan Lion and Keeks from Lion DAO to chat about their upcoming Terra NFT collection.

Ryan Lion gives us a little insight to the sort of traits we can expect from this upcoming collection.

Here’s an amazing clip of the sort of hard hitting journalism Rebel DeFi brings to the table.

Alpha of the space in this next clip.

Cosmos HOSS had a space with Andromeda, talking about their upcoming aOS. aOS is the first decentralized, on-chain operating system designed to make web3 easier, better, and faster.

Literally Finn and Robo

May 24th

Ari from ZenGo Wallet stopped by RAC FM on the 24th for a big brain discussion on wallets. Hardware wallets are in fact “firmware” wallets, meanwhile ZenGo offers no seed and 3FA recovery with a built in browser firewall.

Robo asks Ari if Ledger can come back from the whole firmware recovery thing.

Ari runs through 3 factor authentication.

OmniFlix FlixTalk episode 69 came out discussing community updates, OmniFlix app developments, and some exciting plans for the future.

RAC FM had a chat with Rekt Raffle who is currently minting on Eth, if eth NFT raffle projects tickle your fancy, take a listen to the pre mint interview.

Yieldmos had their weekly community call with validators Silver Fox and Silk Nodes.

Shade Protocol hosted a space discussing some analytics.

GraviDAO had an AMA with the Skeleton Punks, Stoned Island NFTs, and the Rekt Gang.

Erik from Cosmos Spaces hosted an AMA with Elfin Kingdom Games, a BSC game project looking to come to the Cosmos.

Cosmos Joe took to YouTube for episode 12 of DeFi 101 after getting rugged hard and long by Twitter spaces. On this one he chats with Reece, one of the few remaining Juno devs, on exactly what the heck CosmWasm is.

Here’s a clip of Reece explaining smart contracts to boomer ass Joe.

I don’t wanna play too many clips from Joe’s YouTube content since that’s how he feeds his family. I’ll just say make sure you are following him on Twitter and smash the fuck out that subscribe button for him.

Guess who’s back!

May 25th

Jared and Zion from TFL came on RAC FM to chat about Alliance and Station. As much as Robo wanted them to talk about Feather, it just wasn’t the right time.

pSTAKE had their third stkSPACES, discussing liquid staking DEXs in the Cosmos.

Comdex had their weekly space featuring SubQuery.

Reece hosted the 2nd Juno Network tech roundtable discussion.

White Whale had a community call.

In classic Ryan fashion, here’s Ryan taking home the longest clip of the month award on the White Whale community call talking about the Astroport ROAR thing.

Just for fun, hey Robo, can you tell us who’s Devin?

Ruwan with Stargaze hosted week 64 creator chat with Cosmos Kiwis and Sebi discussing their upcoming mints.

Fighting the Twitter rug monster, GraviDAO teamed up with Psych to host the NFT artist corner with KodaDot, a Kusama / Polkadot NFT marketplace.

Alpha Shares hosted another big NFT conference space with a bunch of new hungry projects you’ve probably never heard of.

Remember kids, your friends are not exit liquidity, you are.

May 26th

Rounding out the week of madness was the RAC FM special on the 26th with Liam Connor, the self styled airdrop degen.

Episode 54 of In the Studio hosted by the OmniFlix Network was recorded. Make sure you hit up Alpha.OmniFlix.TV to get your proof of participation NFT.

Andromeda hosted a space with Edwin from Orbital Command and Zion from TFL to discuss their new aOS.

Here’s a clip about how aOS enables developers a novel system to build cross-chain with.

Orbital Command got together with Keegan from Neptune Finance to discuss their new money market launching on Terra soon.

A fresh episode of the Ape Alliance Airwaves aired with Ape and the Pleb chatting about Cosmos Kiwis and their botted mint on Stargaze..

We have one clip from this space to share, and it’s a clip of CJ showing the Pleb he’s not the only pleb in the room.

Alright, if you made it this far, congratulations, you’re a true degen. That’s all I got this week. I don’t wanna say we’ll do this every week, but I will definitely try to make it a regular thing if people enjoy listening.

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