UAPx Discord AMA


Copy Pasta by: GavertC

UAPx: Hi everybody!

I’m going to start then, dear supporters. We wanted to make this AMA (written version) because we want to announce precisely where we are at in our project. We want it to be written so it’s established and we have a lot of alpha to reveal. We will have some space for questions in the end.

Our Team is formed by 2 artists, 1 musician, 1 pixel artist, 1 programmer and 1 advisor/investor. I’m the voice of the project because I started this UAPx idea, and because my colleagues have a 9-5, and I’m an artist-musician, but also a community manager – that’s my job here.

However, after carefully reviewing our P2E, since we wanted to implement a retro game, similar to an arcade Space Invaders type of game, we were struck by a question: Should we force ourselves for a different kind of playability? We didn’t want to just deliver something that has been done before in other chains without success.

So when we first created the UAPx Songs, we started fiddling with a concept: What if UAPx was a Play-to-earn project where the ‘PLAY’ means PLAYING music? From there, we started experimenting with some interesting creative and AI software tools and finally got to a roadmap that we believe will set a new standard for a Play-to-earn experience. Let me explain further:

  • UAPx Holders have a unique ability to compose songs. We’ll set this standard at 1 song every 2 months. Also, Founders will have 2 free Alien companions and a whitelist spot to mint 3 extra aliens. If you have a full crew of aliens per UAPx: you’ll get to compose an extra song every 2 months.
  • Now, we know there’s people wanting to come and join our project so “Second Generation Ships” will come in the near future. Maybe Q2 2022. And you can always get a ship from the secondary market. There will be 3000 Alien companions. 602 Aliens are already blocked for Founders. The rest will be minted by WL people and the general public. However, if you don’t own a UAPx, you can mint an Alien Companion, and that will give you access to minting 2nd Gen ships.

Also, you are wondering: how will I compose a song if I’m not even a musician, nor do I have the time to do so. We’ll be using an AI music composition tool. You’ll have access to it only if you have a UAPx (it doesn’t matter if it’s First Gen or Second Gen). Although if your UAPx is a First Gen, you will get access to exclusive song genres and choices that will make more rare songs.

So, let me give you an example. Through a smart contract verification, Lunar Assistant, we give you access to a form where you will choose:

A) Music Genre
B) Tempo for the song
C) Style, etc…

After submitting this, you’ll get our AI Alien Composer working for you, and you’ll be delivered with a song in one week or so. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is our way to guarantee each song is unique and has its own rarity. AI also, we believe, is short for Alien Intelligence, so the process is alien to you and that makes it cool.

As I said, each song has its own scarcity: For example, only Founders will have Extra Rare music mints, golden ones.

Now, in terms of utility:

Your composed songs are 1/1’s and they are only yours to keep, trade, use, distribute. They all are rare and unique in their own way. But also owning a UAPx will give you access to a Fund, made with the earnings of our 2nd and 3rd mints. The more UAPx you have, the more shares of that fund will go to you. This fund’s earnings will be distributed as follows:

70% to holders, 20% to team and 10% to charity. We are thinking of pooling it on Anchor Protocol, and submitting collections of best songs in places like Audius for royalty accumulation. But more details will be revealed later, since we’re carefully thinking about the possibilities, as they involve our financial interests. These are initial figures, perhaps subject to change.

As you can see, we’re inviting you to participate in a very different play-2-earn type of project. For us, the community is the most important thing, so let’s see if any questions pop-up now.

itseMeBacka: a very cool concept. How do you plan to get people to stream the songs in terms of growing popularity?

UAPx ALIEN ARTIST: To be honest we’re thinking about creating compilations of songs, and posting them on blockchain streaming platforms. But the cool part would be to stream-to-earn. But we don’t have the technology yet, maybe in the future. But thanks for your question.