Minerva Monthly Update


Thanks for checking out another episode of the Ether! Today we have the Minerva monthly update. Recorded on January 14th 2022.

TerraSpaces is looking for 7 sponsors to keep what we’re doing sustainable here. We currently have 2. If you would like to support TerraSpaces and Terra Public Radio we’re asking for 1k UST per month for 6 or 12 month periods.

With 7 sponsors supporting our platform at any given time, we will be sustainable beyond the initial year of funding we were given. Reach out on Twitter or Telegram or Discord if you are interested.

Thank you to Luart, Orbital Command, Do Kwon, and everyone in the community who appreciates TerraSpaces. The more support we get, the longer we can continue this work. If you would like to contribute to TerraSpaces, you may send UST, Luna, or ANC to the address below. Thank you!

TerraSpaces.UST | TerraPublicRadio.UST