Andre Moon: Artist, Ape, LUNAtic

Andre Moon

Written by: GavertC

As a UK based designer and illustrator of exclusive 1-of-1 pieces and mini-collections for art enthusiasts, Andre Moon has been an early settler in the Terra NFT community.

His work is inspired by the surrounding environment, capturing his ideas in images with ties to cinematography, nature, and cultural impacts.

Screaming Eagle
Screaming Eagle #1

I first met Andre in early 2021, and since then we have grown to be good friends, often bouncing ideas and theories off each other. We also help each other learn new techniques to improve our skill, and have helped each other network and make a name for ourselves starting from nothing.

I chose to interview Andre as my first artist interview, not only because we are friends, but because I believe he will continue to make a good name for himself. I believe he will also continue to improve his skills, and we will all want to own an Andre Moon piece soon!

There is a lot more I could say about this guy right here, but let’s just get into the interview.

  1. At what age did you start creating, and why did you choose to continue? 

I’ve been creating ‘stuff’ forever. I wasn’t the most creative as a young kid, however, I played the drums and generally made a mess building shit. I love design in general and how things work, architecture, interiors, technology – probably why I’m attracted to crypto.

Andre Moon Humpback Megaptera
Humpback Megaptera

I’ve been properly designing since my late teens/ early twenties but graphics was always a bit of a side hobby but is quickly becoming an opportunity to go full time design and crypto combined. This is why I’ve decided to continue in the space. I’m extremely excited to see how the NFT space develops on Terra for many reasons.

I know you’ve heard this story before but thought I’d mention it for anyone reading that has heard our podcast. I remember looking at launching on OpenSea but the fact the gas fees could potentially be more than the artwork felt wrong to me. I was already invested in Luna and knowing what NFT protocols were coming, it felt like the perfect time and fit to launch on Terra after the Columbus 5 update.

I guess we were talking around that time, probably a bit before September about each other’s work and what we wanted to do, and really, you helped me decide the best course of action and I feel like together we were able to navigate our way around the space to launch our work.

  1. Do you have any plans for holders of your NFTs?

Right now I have no specific plans for holders of my work. I’ve randomly dropped pieces to collectors of my work and someone bought a whole bunch so I did a 1/1 commission as a surprise for him (shout out @brent_ust on Twitter) he’s a super cool geeza with an awesome surf wear brand. He’s also a great photographer.

Andre Moon Take the Tube
Take the Tube

I’m hoping at some point to add additional utility to my work, but my stuff is predominantly 1/1 or mini collection art pieces – designed as exactly that, art. I have thought about a larger ‘project’ but that’s a little way off for me as I would need to increase my knowledge in lots of areas.

  1. What has been your most memorable experience in the Terra community?

I think the thing that really propelled me into the space was winning the Luna Bulls trait competition. My Twitter followers went nuts and I really started to see a clear path for launching art on Terra. Caesar Bull, I can’t take all the credit for, I’ve never mentioned this before, but it was a collaboration with my girlfriend and I working on the piece.

Bullish Andre Moon
Caesar Bull

We also work on a number of pieces together and it’s launched under André Moon, the Notorious collection was our most recent one and it’s awesome to have someone to bounce ideas off of.

The Luna Bulls was probably one big memorable moment, but there’s been loads! Doing the Pudcast on Terraspaces with Finn and you was another, meeting awesome OG’s of which there’s far too many to mention.

The LunaFest proposal was memorable enough! I just hope we get to pull it off. Although a different type of art; getting music into the Terra Ecosystem is crucial for our growth.

  1. Are you an Angel Alliance member? If not, are you interested in joining?

I’m not a member but would definitely like to do it. I’ve asked in the Angel Discord but didn’t really get anywhere.

I love Angel protocol and what they are doing for charitable causes and expanding their reach into the blockchain world.

Andre Moon AvocaDo Kwon
AvocaDo Kwon

I donated 10 LUNA from the sale of my quirky ‘AvocaDo Kwon’ piece and I always tie in a royalty percentage for all my art sales too. I’d like to do some specific auctions for Angel when the space matures a bit more and ‘art’ is a really focused part of the NFT culture on Terra, which at the moment I don’t think it is… but it’s coming!

  1. What are you most excited for in the community? It could be a new protocol, a new NFT project, or even a collab you’re working on.

Personally, I’m most excited for my future launches and most definitely some collabs. We talk about doing a ‘Gavert X André’ piece and basically I just need to get my ass into gear and get some ideas bounced over to you.

I’m excited to see what all the other artists are doing, Gavertc, Jared, Sarah Main, Woof, plus all the other indies I’ve not got all the space to mention!

Oenophile #2
Oenophile #2

In terms of the wider ecosystem, Mars protocol is going to be huge for Terra. Obviously the metaverse side of things is going to be even bigger, I can’t wait to see what this enables for everyone, both individually, and as an artist. It’s really exciting times and I have to keep reminding myself of how early we are.

In terms of new NFT projects I’m being a bit more selective. I feel like I don’t have enough time to concentrate on my own stuff, plus all the projects I’ve bought into, plus exciting groups like Intern Capital, Stardust Union, Dead Presidents Society etc… Throw on top of my full time job and I’m needing 40 hour days… (if only….)

After all that, I’m really hoping the LunaFest thing takes off. It’s consuming a lot of time and energy right now to get it off the ground and Ian (the founder) has such an amazing vision. I believe we have the chance to revolutionize this aspect of the music industry and also bring in so many new people to Terra. ‘Normies’, artists, more developers, tech heads, protocols, businesses – the list is endless.

  1. Final question, do you see yourself continuing to create on Talis and Terra, or do you want to move onto something else after a certain time?

I’m only just getting started! Terra Luna feels like home. I’m an investor and an active community member so I really can’t see myself moving right now.

LUNA bags packed
LUNA bags packed

If Talis delivers on what they have set out then I think most of my work will be launched there. The team is great, they’ve had a bad rap but they’re building something special. They just need to get the UI and tech working better.

I like Luart and what the guys have built there and perhaps if I launch a collection I’ll do it there, but who knows!

I feel like I’m here for the long haul, unless something drastically changes, I can’t picture moving on. There’s so much still left to achieve here!

That concludes my interview with Andre Moon, be sure to check out his social media and Talis profile.