TerraSpaces is a free public service created to help educate, inform, and document the Terra ecosystem, and the greater Cosmos. Thank you to the projects, protocols, and community for all the support!

Finn's Mics
Finn’s Mics on Talis

These are the projects and protocols that stepped up to support TerraSpaces and Terra Public Radio pre and post crash.

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Post Crash Support

Eris Protocol


Pre Crash Support

Orbital Command





Glow Yield

Intern Capital

TerraSpaces thanks these fine projects for supporting the work we are doing. It means the moon to us!

Finn's Mics
Finn’s Mics on Talis

Thanks to the Trash Clan, each pre crash TerraSpaces supporter has received one of Finn’s Mics. These NFTs are a small token of our appreciation for the love these projects and protocols have shown TerraSpaces in these early days.

Here’s the tweet about the 1st Finn’s Mic auction.

Here’s the tweet about the 2nd Finn’s Mic auction.

Here’s the tweet about the 5k followers Mic Giveaway winner.

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If you enjoy the music at the end of the episodes, you can find the albums streaming on Spotify, and the rest of your favorite streaming platforms. Check out Project Survival, Virus Diaries, and Plan B wherever you get your music.