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Welcome to a short form news style show we’re calling This Week in Terra with Finn Martin. Each week I’ll round up the Terra news and record it in an easy to listen to podcast. Here’s what you might have missed this week! This podcast was recorded on August 26th 2023.

The Terra.Money domain was hijacked back on August 18th. What does that mean for end users? As long as you didn’t spread your seed anywhere, you should be fine. As of yesterday, everything should be back to normal.

Eris has announced their $ERIS token claimdrop on a Medium article here.

The token distribution will be based on a weekly snapshot of protocol fees paid. For every dollar in protocol fees paid, participants will receive 42 $ERIS tokens. This applies to all ecosystems that Eris is deployed to.


Alliance is now live! Announced in a post here Terra says users can now stake rSWTH, ampWHALE, and bWHALE on Terra to earn LUNA yield on top of native staking rewards.

To wrap things up, Backbone Labs posted a giveaway in celebration of their V2 marketplace launching. You can find the post here on X.

You can find all the spaces that happened this week on the schedule here.

As always, if you have any questions, you can pop into the TerraSpaces Telegram or the Orbital Command Discord to get some assistance.

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