RAC FM Special: Dove and Carter Make a Wish

RAC FM with Dead Right Dove and Carter L. Woetzel

Thanks for checking out another golden goated RAC FM episode! This is the last proper recorded show before vacation, but don’t worry, be happy! While I’m gone the Mayor of RACville will have some fun unrecorded shenanigans planned for you all to participate in and enjoy.

Today however, we are here to make a very special wish come true for a very special friend and colleague, head of the RAC FM Art Department, Ambedo! Let’s give a hearty heartwarming racoon welcome to Dead Right Dove from Kujira and Carter L. Woetzel from Shade Protocol! You’ll also hear from Robo, Finn, Kuji Kast, Rebel Defi, and JGnft. This space was recorded on June 15th 2023.

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Make sure to check out the two newest tracks from Finn and the RAC FM gang over at ImaginetheSmell.org! The majority of the music at the end of these spaces can be found streaming over on Spotify, and the rest of the streaming platforms. Check out Project Survival, Virus Diaries, and Plan B wherever you get your music.

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