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Thanks for checking out another episode of the Tegridy Review space wrap up clip show! We had a bunch of great spaces this week, so let’s get into it! This shit was painstakingly written and recorded on June 4th 2023.

Here’s some of the spaces we covered this week, some have clips, and some we’re just letting you know about. Check out the full schedule of spaces here.

Twitter Guide
How to Twitter

May 29th

White Whale started out the week with their Rockaway Special, going over decentralization and the validator set.

Martin from Rockaway talks a little bit about Credible Neutrality.

What is the Nakamoto Coefficient?

Sen Com and Martin discuss decentralization and why it’s truly important.

Ponzi Ninja brings up the White Whale milestones. Now things are getting interesting. Raise the Nakamoto Coefficient, and let’s get some heads shaved!

The Cosmos Club had Deedle from Archway on for a chat about their upcoming launch.

Cosmos Joe hosted episode 13 of his DeFi 101 series, featuring Ryan Lion from Lion DAO with a discussion on building DAOs on Enterprise VS DAO DAO, and DAO tooling.

Joe really showing off his hosting chops here, first allowing CJ to ask a 4 minute long question, but then before letting Ryan Lion give his answer, going straight over to MrMohawk. Classic Boomer Joe.

Ryan talks about how badly he needs the Juno community’s help.

I also just want to point out how gracefully Joe ended the space. Ok, now I’m done picking on Joe.

Joe holding up Cosmos Morale This Bear
In Joe We Trust

May 30th

Cosmos Club hosted a space with Calc Finance.

Chainlink hosted a space with Starknet.

We managed to catch the last 40 minutes of the XDEFI Wallet Future of Swaps space.

May 31st

OmniFlix Network FlixTalk episode 70 aired.

Here’s a clip of Sistla discussing the recent upgrade on the OmniFlix Network.

RAC FM Finn vs The Pikey Fud VS Fud space aired.

Shade Protocol had a space about moving into ETH and the Meta-Engine.

Carter explains what value Shade is bringing back to the Cosmos.

Carter’s thoughts on the Meta-Engine and how much it might help with the inflation issue of Shade.

Duality Labs hosted a space discussing multichain UX. Here’s a couple hot takes.

Here’s a couple hot takes, one from Nicholas from Duality Labs and the other from Sam Hart.

Stargaze Community Space discussing bots and mints.

Cosmos Joe hosted another episode of DeFi 101, this time discussing stablecoins with Carter from Shade Protocol.

Carter explains price feed stuff and what they are trying to accomplish with Shade and Silk.

Carter explains why silk is useful and some other interesting points.

The Echo Chamber
The Echo Chamber

June 1st

Comdex had their weekly space featuring Stride.

White Whale had their weekly community call.

Sen Com chats about the Carbon X White Whale partnership.

Sebastian shares his thoughts on the Carbon partnership.

Into the Umeeverse with Ojo aired.

Co founder of Ojo Woz shares thoughts about why they wanted to work on oracle stuff.

Woz goes into a little bit on their deployment strategy. How is this different from Band?

Stargaze Week 65 creator chat with NFT Studio / 100% Safe Sleep aired.

Cameron Bright hosted a space with Timpi.

Gareth Evans discusses what people will be able to do once this goes live.

JBuss chats on the question will ChatGPT destroy the search engine market?

Gelotto had their weekly space.

The Coach
Who’s Coach?

June 2nd

RAC FM hosted a special with Bendy to discuss the Atom Accelerator DAO.

OmniFlix In the Studio 55 aired. Make sure to check out Alpha.OmniFlix.TV to get your POPS and POAPS.

AtomZone Ep 9 discussing shared security aired.

AI Now with Fetch AI aired.

Coach Bruce Wrangler hosted a space with an extremely civilized discussion on the whole Open VS Closed source thing.

Pantera gives us an update on his missing wife and child.

TerraSpaces scammed the community pool…. LOL.

Here’s Jacob’s speech.

Here’s Cephii’s speech.

What space would be complete without Kyle Davies interrupting every few minutes to give a speech.

Jacob enjoyed giving his speech so much he gave a second speech!

Jimmy the Otter closes the space down with one of his more motivational speeches.

Shout out to you if you can tell by listening who’s real and who’s not.

An even bigger shout out to you if you can still tell what real is.

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