Cosmos Spaces: Bridging Beyond the IBC with Axelar

Cosmos Spaces X Axelar IBC Gang

Welcome back to another episode of the Ether! Today we have a Cosmos Space hosted by Tricky Crypto discussing bridging beyond the IBC with Sergey Gorbunov from Axelar Network. You’ll hear from Jack Zampolin, Cosmos HOSS, Cosmo Clay, Lil Gainzz, and more! This space was recorded on April 22nd 2022.

Orbital Command X TerraSpaces

Today’s episode of the Ether is brought to you by Orbital Command! Orbital Command is a community validator on Terra dedicated to educating, expanding, and promoting the LUNAtic community.

TDX Terra dApp Expo 2022
TDX Terra dApp Expo 2022

Have you heard of TDX? Orbital Command is putting together the Terra Dapp Expo on June 9th and 10th in Austin, Texas. Come hang out and share merriments with your fellow LUNAtics and check out all the hot projects you love using.

You can also support their community efforts by considering them next time you’re delegating or redelegating your LUNA. Check out the Orbital Command validator here.

Thank you to everyone in the community who supports TerraSpaces.

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