Big Biz World

Big Biz World

Written by: GavertC

Today on Intern Interviews, I’ll be talking with BigBiz World and the Poops! The poops are an income generating, medium sized, hand drawn collection of about 900 unique NFTs. The team’s goals include going cross-chain, releasing merchandise, airdrops from the treasury, and much more!

Big Biz World
Big Biz World

With over 1500 twitter followers so far, there seems to be some hype behind these cute little shits! Without further ado, let’s get into the interview!

  1. Who is the team? 

The full time team is made up of me and my friend, Cutest, who is also a full-time artist by profession. We are also advised by our other friends along the way.

We are inspired by what NFT brings to the table in terms of its utility and the ability to let ordinary people “own” a piece of art that they may not usually be able to do otherwise in traditional mediums. Our project combines elements which we believe in; giving back to charity and providing returns to our NFT holders.

  1. What inspired the project and why poop?

We are Poop-themed as we see it as a chance to do something unconventional and make something disgusting, more lovable. The Poops in our collection are aesthetically pleasing, shiny, cute and delightful.

The Poops!

All pieces in our collection are hand-drawn by Cutest without using any generative/automation elements, to ensure the quality of every piece is up to standard. Cutest hopes that each of the artwork will bring joy to its owners and to those who see it.

  1. What are some of the goals for the project?

We aim to be a fund that generates passive income for holders, as well as donating to charity via Angel Protocol. We also hope to continue expanding the narrative of the #bigbizworld, while creating a fun and relaxing community for our holders.

NFT holders will benefit from the Poop-sury/resales by receiving growing payouts and deciding how we allocate the funds. Mint royalties not distributed will be used for further roadmap development, community engagement activities, and giveaways to ensure long-term growth!

Our end goal is to:

  • Expand the Big Biz World Universe (cross-collab)
  • Go cross chain
  • Bring our Poops into the metaverse
  • Develop merchandise
  • Become a DAO

That concludes our interview with Big Biz World and the Poops, a cute NFT project that hopes to bring some smiles to our community. As always, I’m GavertC and this has been another Intern Interview!

Today on Intern Interviews, in the field reporter intern Gavert has sits down and has a chat with Big Biz World.