Luart AMA with Columbus Omnia Luna and LunaShield

Luart Columbus Omnia Luna X LunaShield

Welcome back to a new episode of the Ether! Today we have a Luart AMA with Columbus Omnia Luna and LunaShield, hosted by Crypto PB. This space was recorded on January 23rd 2022.


WeFund X TerraSpaces
WeFund X TerraSpaces

Today’s episode of the Ether is brought to you by WeFund! WeFund is a community crowdfunding cross-chain incubator on Terra and the first launchpad that implements a milestone funding release system to protect investors.

All money raised for projects is deposited in Anchor Protocol and is refundable, and all decisions are based on community voting power. WeFund is community-focused and designed to be a user-friendly experience for both project creators and investors.

Be sure to follow them on Twitter and join the Telegram to become part of the community and stay up to date on all the WeFund announcements. For more information check out

Thank you to Luart, Orbital Command, Talis, WeFund, Do Kwon, and everyone in the community who appreciates and supports TerraSpaces.

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