Chill Crypto Jazz

VGX Community Mashup

Welcome back to the Ether! Today we have the last hour and a half or so of the chill crypto jazz space hosted by Aldo the Apache featuring Cephii. After that we have about the last half hour of the Cephii Luna space he started. This space was recorded on January 22nd 2022.

Aldo the Apache
Aldo the Apache

Intern Capital X TerraSpaces

Today’s episode of the Ether is brought to you by Intern.Capital. Everyone knows the world is powered by interns, and if you are going to get an intern, it might as well be the best intern. The best you say? That’s right, the best. For more information be sure to follow Intern Capital on Twitter.

Thank you to Luart, Orbital Command, Talis, Intern Capital, Do Kwon, and everyone in the community who appreciates TerraSpaces.

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