Stader Staking Weekly with Cephii

Stader Labs

Thanks for checking out another episode of the Ether! Today we have Stader Staking Weekly hosted by Cephii and Stader Labs. Recorded on January 20th 2022.

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Luart X TerraSpaces

Today’s episode of the Ether is brought to you by! Luart is the first gamified NFT platform built on the Terra network. Experience a seamless minting and trading experience all while earning rewards, for just being a user.

In the coming weeks make sure to follow their twitter and discord for updates on for the next launchpad collections. DystopAI will mint on Jan 20th. The team recently updated a few performance features as well for an improved trading and minting experience.

Thank you to Luart, Orbital Command, Do Kwon, and everyone in the community who appreciates TerraSpaces.

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