The Pudcast Ep 4: Terra Turtles

Terra Turtles

Check out all the cool Terra Turtles stuff online!

Terra Turtles will be launching November 13th 2021. The mint price as of right now is 1 Luna each.

Terra Turtles

One of Terra Turtles priority missions is to ensure that they contribute to marine-wildlife preservation, primarily but not limited to Turtles, and to the improvement of the global environment. Check out their post about charity donations here on Medium.

Team Seas is a charity that promises to remove one pound of trash in the ocean for every dollar donated.

Angel Protocol

During launch and secondary sales, Terra Turtles are working with Angel Protocol, a Terra protocol that helps charities benefit from Crypto and other decentralized finance products.

There’s some cool information here on Medium about the potential play to earn aspect of the Terra Turtles NFT project.

Be sure to check out the Terra Turtles roadmap here on their site.