Transcript: Orbital Command X Anarchists NFT AMA

Anarchists NFT
Anarchists NFT

Finn 0:41
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Psych 2:02
Hello, hello.

Orbital Command 2:03
Hi there. How are you

Psych 2:04
Doing well, how about you?

Orbital Command 2:06
Doing great. Thank you. My name is Edwin I’m with operations with Orbital Command and Rebel will be joining us in a bit.

Psych 2:14
Okay, I go by Psych, I’m going to invite the rest of the team here.

Orbital Command 2:18

Rebel Defi 2:19
Hi, guys. Thanks everyone for being here. As far as I’m aware, we’re hopefully going to be joined by three members of the Anarchists team. I can see Deploydon here.

Orbital Command 2:30
We got Psych. Psych it’s up here already.

Rebel Defi 2:32
Okay, cool.

Orbital Command 2:32
She said she’s gonna invite the rest of her team.

Rebel Defi 2:34
And we’ve got Finn doing the recording for us. I saw Finn on what looked like a different space. I don’t know how he does multiple ones at the same time.

Psych 2:42
Yeah. Magic. Deploydon is here, so if you can bring him up.

Orbital Command 2:47
Okay. Yeah, I just invited him.

Rebel Defi 2:49
And is that Psych who was on the Anarchists account?

Psych 2:52
Yeah, so I’m on the Anarchists account. And then we got MetaMae who’s going to be dropping in shortly.

Rebel Defi 3:00
Awesome. Hey, Deploydon. Well, normally we like to start opening up these Spaces a fraction early, but we’re kind of bang on time just now. Do you want to wait for Mae to come here before we start?

Psych 3:14
Yeah, just give her a moment, she’s pretty good at… [chuckle] She’s organizing everything so she’s not gonna miss it.

Deploydon 3:20
I think this is the earliest Space I’ve ever done. I’m used to them being at like 9pm and going to midnight. So being at 1pm is quite nice. I’ve just cranked a couple of coffee. So yeah, I actually have energy, it’s great.

Rebel Defi 3:35
Well listen, it’s 6pm for me, so this is kind of perfect timing.

Deploydon 3:39
Where are you based out of?

Rebel Defi 3:40
I am in England just now, just north of London.

Deploydon 3:43
Okay, we’re actually overall in Canada. I know Psyche, the one running on the main Anarchists account, she’s usually out of Mexico, but she flew in this week to come hang out with me and MetaMae.

Rebel Defi 3:58
Awesome. Awesome.

Deploydon 3:59
So we had a bit of a drinking night on Saturday. Yeah, I think we’re all still feeling it.

Psych 4:07
One to make account, and now it’s back to work. [chuckle]

Deploydon 4:10

Rebel Defi 4:11
Yeah, sometimes you’ve just go to cut loose a little bit. Yeah so I mean, it’ll be interesting maybe to start off… I’ll just fire the first question out and you can have a little think on it. I suppose you won’t really have to think too hard, but it was really just to find out how you guys came together. I mean, I have heard you speaking on other Spaces before but just in case other people haven’t been on and heard you talk about that. I think that’d be a nice sort of beginning when we get there. I can see MetaMae’s in.

Psych 4:38
Yeah, MetaMae is here.

Rebel Defi 4:39
Now, to be honest, I don’t know how big our audience is going to be because our man Cephii is running a Space right now. And usually he just sucks them into that black hole.

Orbital Command 4:51
I don’t… Yeah there were like six other spaces that I saw when I started this one too. So there’s a lot going on at this time. This is early for me as well, so…

Deploydon 5:02
In fairness, when is Cephii not running a Space?

Orbital Command 5:05
True. He marathons all the time. [chuckle]

Psych 5:10
Busy man. We’re doing a Space with him and Prism at the end of the week. And coordinating that, that was an experience.

Deploydon 5:18
Did you slot us in at 3am or something or…

Psych 5:21
I think it’s like later. Friday. We got DeFi Jedi here, repping his one of one pfp, Anarchist pfp.

Rebel Defi 5:30
Oh, wow, nice.

Deploydon 5:32
It’s not showing up for me. I think mine’s messed up because it only shows that there’s like six people on mind.

Rebel Defi 5:37
And we’ve got I don’t know how to pronounce it…

Deploydon 5:38
Oh, here we go.

Rebel Defi 5:41
Jeager66 has got one on. So yeah, a few people representing. Yeah, so before we maybe sort of jump in to talk about the project specifically, it would be nice to hear a bit about your history in sort of the whole crypto space and then how you came together as a team.

Psych 6:01
Do you guys want me to [chuckle] tell the story?

Deploydon 6:03
Yeah, you explain that story best. So yeah.

Psych 6:05
Okay. So we actually met more in the Solana space. So what happened is I was on a different team, different founding team for a Solana project, PsychedelicSloth. I love… I know, you and Jaeger here, he’s a mod in our Anarchists, he also came from that community as well. So we had a lot of issues with… [chuckle] With Solana. It was my first experience launching an NFT collection. I gotta say the one thing I did right is bring MetaMae on as a community manager later on, and through her I actually met Deploydon, so he was part of the community as well. That project, with all the issues that we had with Solana, we didn’t mint out, so we ended up capping the mint, and burning the supply. The whole theme of that too was mental health, psychedelics as a healing modality. So we had a really great, welcoming, warm, amazing community. What I gotta say is the community that we built, and MetaMae nurtured, we had so much more of so much love. And we actually brought a lot of those people over to Terra. So when I was discussing like, “What are we going to do,” we’ve had so many issues with Solana and I want to bring our community over to something better, that’s when we had some group discussions, the team, Deploydon, and MetaMae, and how we started the Anarchists together. So that was our experience, so…

Deploydon 7:41
It wasn’t much of a discussion, more so it was me telling you it’s going to be on Terra.

Psych 7:46
Exactly, exactly. And you know what, after looking into it, it was really easy to see that that was the right choice. So we put together a program to bring over our Sloth family over to that, giving them access to an Anarchist airdrop, whitelist immediately, so that they can be part of the DAO and everything that we have on the roadmap for this. We also are doing… End of the month we’re doing a giveaway for an Ayahuasca retreat. So great community. Even though things didn’t go according to how we’d hoped with the mint, the one thing I can say is that I’ve made lifelong friends. Also being on this team has been such an incredible experience. We jive so well. So it’s just been… Yeah, it’s been awesome.

Rebel Defi 8:36
Awesome. Thank you very much for the introduction. So I mean, if Mae is your sort of community manager, what roles do you and Deploydon fill?

Psych 8:47
So I’m art and creative. So everything you see art wise is on me. And Deploydon I would say is finance and development, MetaMae is collaboration and community. So we all just fell into our roles super easily and it’s worked amazingly.

Psych 8:47
I have something… So we don’t get too far from this…

Rebel Defi 9:09
Jump in man. Yeah, yeah, sure.

Orbital Command 9:10
Just wanted to see… So from your first mint with the Sloths on Solana and now going into the Anarchists, what would you say has been the biggest change that you’ve made to make sure that you have more of a successful launch. And I know minting out is something visually that represents good community that’s following your project, and then also sets you up for success because you have a great start funding wise to continue on your roadmap. So I’m just curious about what was the learning experience from you from the first project.

Psych 9:50
Yeah, so I mean, one thing is, for development, I’m sure anybody who’s been on… Developing on the blockchain whatsoever, to find blockchain developers, it’s really… It’s a challenge. We had a lot of problems with regards to that. And also just Solana going down, when it came to finally minting and everything looked like it was going to be good and ready, then there was… There ended up being a delay for another four days, which really, really affects your mint. So, that being said, when we were looking into other blockchains to mint, that’s why Terra was really attractive to us. One is there was different marketplaces that we could utilize as launch partners. So that would also… Since they have that all streamlined on the development side, we wouldn’t need to worry about that, we just needed to worry about the art and the generation, and then other things that we’re doing on the dev side that doesn’t involve that integral part of the mint, right. And then also just… Again, the the network issues, being down, you can’t have that. You can’t have that, that really does affect your mint. So looking at Terra, it’s a lot more robust. Another thing too, is we wanted to do NFT staking through another partner collaboration, but that platform actually completely changed their format and it was no longer going to work out. Whereas with Terra and all the different protocols when it comes to the DAO and everything that you could do, there there’s so many options. So again, looking for something that’s robust, and then just on the tech utility side, and finance side that we would have options, it’s not just like one thing that’s kind of compatible, and then if it falls through, then you’re kind of screwed, right.

Deploydon 11:45
yeah, we are strong believers that Terra, and the rest of the other IBC chains are essentially going to be here to stay. With all the options opening up, I know we have Stargate launching, I think that’s, what, on the 11th or so if I recall correctly, and they are going to have bridges between Terra and Stargate for their NFTs, and with a lot of what we want to do with the DAO for kind of generating yield for rewards, for giving back to the NFT holders, Terra was really the one and only place that made sense. If we see where there’s a surge in both developers going over to the Terra side, as well as the NFT markets on this and the Terra ecosystem are really growing exponentially, I think it was, what, yesterday Terra became the number two chain in terms of total value locked. So I mean, we saw the writing on the wall a couple months ago and we wanted to kind of start moving down this route and bringing everybody over because whether they first move to an IBC chain for NFTs, or they’re moving over to Terra for yield generation or using something like Alice when that comes, we believe at some point or another people are going to be using IBC chains, whether they know so or not. And we’d rather launch on a chain that has a lot of options for them to move around rather than needing to use… Like me personally, I have something on the Solana side, but it’s only because I held a couple of PsychedelicSloth NFTs, I don’t have anything else, I never use that chain. Terra, I probably do 200, 300 transactions a week between these different IBC chains and with everything going on, it’s only going to keep picking up and we think that’s gonna be for anyone and everyone that moves over to these chains.

Orbital Command 13:32
I love it. Yeah. Thank you for that answer. All I hear is bullish Terra. Go ahead, Rebel.

Rebel Defi 13:38
Yeah, no, I think that’s brilliant that we’re getting more and more projects coming over to Terra. I mean, to be quite honest, I don’t like to say that I’m a Terra maxi, but essentially, Terra is all I’m using at the moment. So the more people we can get on the better. Just to be clear, we’ve got Edwin, he’s on the Orbital Command account, he actually works for One Planet as well. So he’s kind of more deep in the NFTs than myself. I’m more sort of DeFi type guy. But just what Psych was saying about the artwork. So I’m looking at the website just now. I’m looking at the three Anarchists. These are your designs, is that right?

Psych 14:20
Yeah, so I did have to contract an artist, I went through about three different artists. So I personally do not do the 3D modeling. But the whole concept, the characters, every single suit, every single detail is my concept and my brainchild. It’s… When we were thinking also about… Well, when I was thinking about the Anarchists I wanted our community to be able to have options when it came to the characters. We also have lore coming up. It’ll be in comic strip format. If you’ve seen our Twitter header, you’ll see the style. So there’s these three characters, three stories. So very soon, you’ll be able to hear a little bit more about their backstory.

Deploydon 15:09
Yeah, the interesting thing with a lot of our art is, as it is 3D and because of how complex a lot of our traits are, where we have some trades conditional on others and other traits that can’t be applied if the randomization chose a different trait, we ended up having to build our own generator to handle all this. None of the existing tools out there just work for what we needed. And as all these images aren’t just kind of layered, flat images, they’re are all 3D, they have to be rendered at each and every one. So it’s going to take… We’re starting our final generation for our minting likely tomorrow, it’s going to take a couple days to get all that up and running once that starts going because it is very, very intensive to do so.

Rebel Defi 15:57
And seing as we’re on the source subject of minting, it’s later this month, isn’t it? A couple of weeks or so?

Psych 16:02
Yeah, it’s coming up. [chuckle] We’re excited. We’re excited. So we’re meeting on the 21st. It feels far, but it doesn’t feel far now that it’s approaching. It’s like, “Ah!” [chuckle]

Rebel Defi 16:16
So yeah, literally two weeks. Awesome. I mean, I’m on the waitlist for this so I was quite excited about that. I mean, as far as the NFT projects go, I don’t really get involved all that much. I’ve got… I mean Galactic Punks are really my thing. But there was something about Anarchists that kind of grabbed my attention. It must have been about three weeks ago I saw that Cephii was doing a Space so I jumped on. And he was talking to you guys. And just the way you sort of spoke with passion about your project, and then when I had a look at some of the characters, and just the whole idea of Anarchy, I think is brilliant. So is there…

MetaMae 16:56
Sorry, I’m gonna chime in here, I do have to say I was really excited to see you pop in my inbox. A lot of the times as an NFT collection, we get hundreds of DMs from so many promoters and people who, I don’t know, want to set up Spaces and want to do some sort of collaboration. But it’s always such a great surprise when there’s actual collection and actual people in the community who were interested about it. I am curious to know, you did say that the art was one of the things that drew you to us, but how do you relate to the story and the art of our collection?

Rebel Defi 17:33
It was kind of the… I’ll just say my quick thing, and then Edwin can maybe give you a bit more of a detailed response. It was the sort of 3D modeling of it. A lot of the stuff I’d seen previously sort of on the NFT side had been the sort of pixelated type art. So I was quite intrigued. And the fact that you seem to have just three sort of main, I don’t know if “prototype” is the right word, but there’s like three main stories which I think is brilliant. So I’m really looking forward to finding out more about the lore of these characters.

Deploydon 18:08
Yeah, one thing that we found during our… As we were over the last couple of days doing a bunch of generating just to get a feel of how the rarities are gonna look and a lot of the existing previews or sneak peeks that have been put out there have been images that Psych herself have kind of said, “Okay, let’s generate one with this head, this body,” etcetera, etcetera. And we’re finding with the mass generation with the rarities in place, it’s generating these absolutely beautiful ones that we didn’t even think of or even expect to come out of it. And it’s just cool how some of the rarities even just fall into place. A lot of the different characters they all have a pin and we wanted to incorporate a lot of the different IBC chains so we have a Terra pin we have Osmo we have Akash, we have Shade, we have Secret Network. And it’s quite cool how some of them will generate and it might be the Invisible Man, really simple suit with the Shade Protocol logo on it. And it’s kind of very fitting and with what’s going on in the world these days, the whole anarchist and freeing your money from the government, and kind of going down that route, seems very, very fitting.

Rebel Defi 19:20
100%. Yeah, another thing just sort of grabbed me I think the first one I saw was the guy in the orange suit with the space mask on. And I’m kind of a bit of a Daft Punk fan and it just reminded me of that concert they did, sort of with their spacesuits on. Just a variety of reasons just…

Psych 19:39
Can we actually pin our pinned post to the top? It’ll give people a little bit of a preview too with a few other ones, we got some new ones in that post there.

Rebel Defi 19:49
Sure, I’m hoping Edwin’s gonna be our Twitter guru here.

Orbital Command 19:53
I’m on it.

Psych 19:55
We got… With the orange suit. I don’t know we just got into the orange… We got big T here who’s got the Mars background. He’s sporting our first sneak peek with the Mars background. There we go.

Deploydon 20:10
Yeah, and Astro Heroes have popped in as well. We did a Space with them the other day. It’s really cool what they’re doing.

Rebel Defi 20:16
Cool. So I mean, are these three characters… In the Discord you’ve got the Visionaries and the Crusaders, and what’s the other one?

Deploydon 20:26

Rebel Defi 20:27
Altruist. Are these three sort of characters supposed to represent that? Or am I just getting a bit muddled up?

Psych 20:37
So the characters are called like the Cosmonaut, Anarchist… The Revival Anarchist, and the Invisible Man. So that’s a little bit different. But we’re going to be integrating the Factions also into the lore.

Rebel Defi 20:54
Awesome, awesome. And then will that come before or after mint?

Psych 21:00
So that’s after mint. We’ve done a lot with the art pre-mint, but post-mint is when we’re going to be integrating a lot of this lore and also getting the community involved in the story, too. So we’ve got the three intro stories, and then they’ll be able to kind of take it from there so it’ll be a community-run comic.

Rebel Defi 21:22
Brilliant. I don’t quite know how you’ve managed to do… I mean, obviously, there must be a technique to the way you’re doing it. But it just seems really intriguing. And I don’t know why I’m intrigued. Well, I mean, Anarchy, I think, as we were saying before, I think does intrigue me. But you’re not releasing tons of information, but you’re releasing enough to certainly keep me really kind of hooked into what’s going on.

Deploydon 21:51
it looks like she lost connection, she says she’s rejoining now.

Rebel Defi 21:56
Okay. Well, we still got Deploydon and is Mae still here?

Deploydon 22:01
Yeah, yep. I think she’s still here.

Rebel Defi 22:02
Oh, yeah there she is.

Deploydon 22:04
Just the one. But yeah. Yeah, I know… How many… Just curious, I have a collection of Galactic Punks as well. And it seems like you’re very… I guess your name after all is Rebel Defi so you are more on the DeFi side. So it’s cool that it caught your eye on here. And one of the things that has been our main concern is because of how detailed ours are, we have to scale it down a bit for the actual mint, because our initial images after they’re generated are about 35 megs in size. Obviously, we can’t mint with that. So we are going to be doing a bit of a gallery on our own site after the fact where we’ll have a super super high res images, likely even full 3D models, similar to kind of what Derby Stars did with their horses where you can have your flat one on their site, and then you can also view the 3D one where you can kind of rotate it, see all angles of it. So we’re going to have a full gallery to be able to showcase the super high quality ones. And if you open one of these at their full resolution, it’s weirdly mesmerizing how crystal clear it is.

Psych 23:18
Oh, yeah, you can zoom in on the fabric. Sorry… Lost connection.

Deploydon 23:23
You’re really choppy, Psych.

Psych 23:25
The fabric, the reading.

Rebel Defi 23:27
Fantastic. We’ll definitely look forward to that when it’s available.

Psych 23:34
Is this better?

Rebel Defi 23:35
That’s better. Yep.

Psych 23:36
Okay, sorry. I

Deploydon 23:39
What’s going on with your internet? You’re not even in Mexico anymore. [chuckle] There’s no excuse.

Psych 23:44
My Mexico internet was great. Everything was better there. [chuckle] Now I’m just dry and cold all the time.

Rebel Defi 23:51
Yes, it seems like you guys got a lot of your community in here. And we’ve got a friend of Orbital Command as well, Churchkey, he’s quite big in the Levana NFT space. So we can maybe bring him up with hopefully a few questions or comments. You got some more stuff on the NFTs, Edwin, or shall we sort of start talking a bit more DeFi.

Orbital Command 24:10
Yeah, yeah.

Rebel Defi 24:12
Okay. Take the lead.

Orbital Command 24:13
Yeah, so the first thing was that you got asked a question, Rebel, that doesn’t usually happens. MetaMae just brought it on you today so I’m glad that they’re switching the things up on us here. But I think there’s three things that I that I think are important to building a good NFT project, right, and the first one is just creating the story, creating the lore and using that to suck in people, right, that are going to be curious and I think, Rebel, with you sharing how you first heard about them through Cephii’s Twitter Space I think was really interesting, and I’m sure a lot of people as well fell into kind of like that black hole, right. Cephii sucks you in and whatever he’s talking about, you start researching. So that’s the first thing that I think you guys are doing a really good job of right, and then once people get that first visual of what your project looks like, then they’re like, “Okay, let me see what this project is about.” Then you check out your website, your Twitter account, and then they go into your Discord. I think you guys have done a really good job on your Discord of creating engagement. And ultimately, that’s what NFT projects want, right. How do your your fans interact with your art, your project, how much time they’re spending talking about it and discussing it. So that’s something that Do mentioned in his Twitter Space with the Lunar Film Guild, in regard to just the future of NFTs is about how long people spend engaging with them, and how I think Galactic Punks have done a really good job.

Orbital Command 25:59
But anyways, just wanted to start with that, that you guys are doing a good job with your story, your lore, sucking people in and then giving them that experience to continue to talk about your project. So I’m curious about how you guys created this architecture on your Discord, just coming in with the idea of having the Visionaries, the Crusaders, the Altruist, the Guardians, and then creating missions for each one. And then how has that engagement gone, right, because you give them missions, you give your people in their missions to go up, for example, and quote retweet with their own words, things like that. So if you can share a little bit more about that experience.

Psych 26:41
Yeah, well, I also had looked at other Discords for other Terra projects. And I think, what we’ve kind of realized is oftentimes the community here is a lot more techy, where I think maybe Solana, they’re not as techy, but they’re more hyped when it comes to just being verbally expressive about it. We’re in the Discord, they end up getting… I’m sure there’s a whole bunch of fake stuff there, but they end up getting these massive Discord and massive accounts and that kind of thing. So what we wanted to do is engage a more tech community through these missions. And I think that’s what’s important is you don’t just expect people to just do things. I think it’s important to really involve them in that experience. And with these missions, we’re able to explicitly say, “Hey, this is how we’re going to be approaching things this week,” or, “This is the tweet that we really want to focus on,” or, “Invite your friends to this,” or, “Rep the pfp as we’re getting closer to mint.” Also, finding ambassadors, Anarchists ambassadors, people that have already been genuinely excited about the collection and focusing on those people, seeing if they would be up for repping us in Spaces, that kind of stuff. And I think just explicitly giving people instructions is a great way to involve them in it, because what is it that… They don’t know as a founding team and with marketing what it is that you need. So whether it’s engaging with a tweet, or having the pft, or tagging friends, or whatever it is, I think, the missions, one, it works really well with the whole Anarchists theme.

Psych 28:38
But then on top of that, we are involving them like they’re agents. If you actually look into the lore, we were naming our Anarchists like everybody’s an agent for the Anarchy. Agent 0018, like an NFT number. So, that’s what we do is we really treat our community members as you are all agents and you’re fighting for financial autonomy and freedom for all, this is our mission and this is also why we integrated these Anarchist… Different symbols, or symbols of protests, or symbols of revolution, just treating them like that, that they’re really part of this thing.

MetaMae 29:21
I think one of the greatest things about this whole process with the missions and the different factions was just having them become more involved in that capacity, having the more invested in the project. And I know for myself, a lot of the times I will buy NFTs or I’ll join these communities and be excited for mint, but you just forget about it. There’s nothing that’s keeping you there, that’s keeping you engaged or excited. And so you sign up, but then you never check it. And with these missions, we have incentive we have… Not only asking people to do things for us, but we also have incentives for them. So every time we have these missions, we’re giving away whitelist, we’re giving away NFTs, sometimes cash prizes. It’s really just about giving back to our community.

Deploydon 30:01
Yeah, one of the things we were trying to avoid and the Terra side doesn’t seem to be… This doesn’t really fall into the Terra side, I do find a lot of the projects on Terra that minted months ago are still very, very active, which we still have options to do collabs with projects that minted many, many months ago. And I find on other chains, you don’t really see that. I see on Solana, you might see a project get super super hyped up until the mint day, and then after the mint day it just fizzles away. And then that team basically launches something else a week later. We are actively avoiding that at all costs, we want to obviously hype it up to the mint day and after the mint day we’re going to keep on going. Ultimately, we’re going to be running a DAO and still having a lot of say from the community as to what we do, but we’re still trying to maintain that upward trajectory on everything. And I find all the projects on Terra have been doing that very well, especially better than a lot of other chains from what I’ve seen where it’s not really a rinse and repeat, a lot of these chains are kind of committed to what their project is and what they’re launching and we’re following that as well, where we’re trying to build up the hype as well as maintain it moving forward with a lot of the things we do have planned. So right after the mint, which we’re still full force on everything we’re doing, we have a lot of the comic stuff coming out, and a lot of the community engagement for running this DAO fund for giveaways and everything else we want to do with it.

Psych 31:32
Yeah, and that’s also why with the lore, and that’s why we’re keeping that for post-mint. Because we do want our community to… As they now have their Anarchist, you’re more emotionally involved in it, right, and then you’re probably thinking of a story for your character. So this is why we’re going to be dropping that post-mint. And also, then we have our Renegades that are going to be launching shortly after that. So we’ll be able to integrate them into the lore as well.

Orbital Command 32:07
Yeah, it’s amazing. It’s funny that you mentioned just the buildup of hype, and then everything kind of died down. And it just made me think of Terra alts how everything was up, up, up in the beginning, and then everything just died down. But we’re seeing a change in that, especially with Anchor. But yeah, you guys make great points that it’s about creating usability, right, utility at the end of the day. And it’s not just the NFT in specific that has it in its metadata, for example. But it’s in the community that you create around the NFT. And just going back through your Discord server, you guys are doing a really good job of that. The second thing that I think is very important, is the marketing, and I know you guys have been doing it for a long time already. Rebel mentioned about a month ago during the Cephii Twitter Space. And I think that is very important in order to have a successful mint, right, if the goal is to have a strong community for when that day arrives, you need to be ahead of the game and planning for as long as possible on… Astro Heroes, they’re still here. Honestly I feel like Astri Heroes is… They have like 100 person team, they’re always doing stuff in their Discord, in Twitter Spaces, communicating with the community. So I love what they’re doing and I think that that just goes to show that marketing is huge. And so my question to you guys is how has that experience been for you guys? I know your mint is coming up on the 21st. And so when was the day one for you, when you were like, “Okay, January 1, we’re going to start marketing,” or something like that, or since when have you guys been planning all these things? Because, again, it’s a huge part of making sure that the community knows what your project is about so they’re ready.

Psych 34:05
Yeah, so what I did last time with the Psychedelic Sloths, I was just in Spaces all day. And I’ll be honest, I think Spaces are important, but when we started this it was not going to just… Like a spray and pray sort of philosophy, it was going to be very, very specific and very targeted. Who we did spaces with, what kind of collaborations we did, and rather than, again, just arbitrarily just popping into a Space and trying to shill, having collaborations, having those partnerships in place so that… It’s actually been a really a much more pleasant experience just on that side. It feels actually a lot more organic than it did before. So, between our missions, between promoting on places like Reddit and things like that, yeah, that’s great, but I think really, the best value we see is through collaborations and also uplifting other collections on the Terra blockchain and also neighboring blockchains. We also had a Space with Kadena Kongs, and it was incredible. It was awesome. They’ve got such a big heart, such a great team, when we’re on the Space with them, we just loved hearing their passion for their community, for the blockchain, for their project. In here, look at this, look how amazing this is, Astro Heroes is stepping in to this Space and hanging out with us. And same with like Defi Jedi and BigT, these are people that we’ve had Spaces with, so these are lasting friendships that we’re developing, rather than just doing all this arbitrary marketing, and not building connections and friendships. I think this is how we’re all gonna succeed is wagmi, we’re all gonna make it. And you know what, when you make it, I’m happy, when you mint out, I’m happy, I’m celebrating with you. When you have a great Space, we’re there to support you as well, retweet. That’s really what it’s been about. And I wouldn’t do it any other way. I don’t know if the rest of the team wants to comment on that.

Deploydon 36:30
Yeah. When is it that we start? I’m scrolling back in our group chat, trying to figure out what it is we started, but I didn’t realize until now that we literally sent thousands of messages back and forth. I’ve been scrolling endlessly and I’m at middle of January right now and it just keeps going. So we’ve been at this for… Was it since December? Was it sooner than that? I don’t even remember at this point. These days, just blur together.

Psych 36:54
Our first kind of talks about it was like December, and then and then ramping up slowly and I think there’s a lot of glee to now. So put that experience that we’ve had previous to this too, this is really six months in the making, I would say.

Orbital Command 37:12
Got it. And are you guys on this full time? Or do you also have…

Psych 37:17
So I don’t know if you got rugged or if that’s just me, but I’m in this full time.

Deploydon 37:21
Yeah he just got cut a bit.

Psych 37:23
I got no plan B. So yolo. [chuckle]

MetaMae 37:29
No, I’m also in this full time too.

Deploydon 37:33
Yeah, I’m actively trying to… Because I do run multiple other companies. I’m actively trying to go full time crypto, but it seems very, very difficult finding people that I can hire that would be suitable replacements. So while I’m not 100% full time crypto right now it sure feels like it because I still do spend more time doing crypto than anything else. And it’s definitely taken over aspects of my life. And I fear what will happen when I am truly full time crypto, that’s gonna be an interesting one to see. Because I don’t know how much more time I could possibly put into this. It seems the more you learn the less you realize you actually know and there’s more things coming out every single day. And I need three assistants just to help me keep up with it.

MetaMae 38:21
I mean, props to anyone who is working a nine to five while they’re also doing this because where, when, where’s the time? [chuckle] I hardly sleep as is. So it’s very impressive.

Orbital Command 38:34
Yeah, I agree. [chuckle] Yeah, I recently made the switch to full time crypto and left my in real life job. And I know Rebel is getting really close to doing that as well. But it does consume a lot of time being in this world. Go ahead.

Psych 38:52
Oh, okay. I was just gonna say I mean, that that’s also… I hope to, because we’re active in Spaces, and our community gets to drop in and learn about us, I do hope that gives them confidence in us, that we really are… We’re treating this as a company, as a startup. This isn’t like a one time pump and dump or something, which I know happens a lot and we do see a lot in this space. We’re actively trying to structure our lives in a way so that we can do this full time and give our projects and our community our full 100% attention. And also, just from a business standpoint, when we put together the roadmap and the percentages that would go towards the team, to the DAO, to the Treasury, it was with that in mind that we’re here to stay, we’re not going anywhere and we want to make sure that we have a sustainable model so that we can really march forward and do big things not just with the Anarchists but anything following.

Orbital Command 39:59
Yeah, I completely agree with that. Rebel if you want to say something we got a question here from Amanda, I believe.

Rebel Defi 40:06
Sure, well I was thinking we could maybe move on to talk about the DAO at some stage. But yep, Amanda’s up with a question. So shall we take her contribution first?

Orbital Command 40:14

Amanda 40:15
Great. I just wanted to say, it’s interesting to hop on Spaces and have a majority of the hosts be women. I’m just curious, how has it been being a woman owning a company in the crypto world? Because I know I’m doing a nine to five right now, as well as working in crypto and it’s been insane, but a majority male environment. So how have you guys been doing with the whole gender dynamic too?

MetaMae 40:47
Personally, I feel like one of the biggest things for me was just wanting to show up in the space and give it my all and really put my heart into everything that we’re doing. And not so much think of it as I want people to see me as a woman necessarily, I just want them to see me for my work and my results. So I think that’s definitely been my main focus. The cool thing about this space, though, too, is that there is a lot of communities that women kind of get together and help empower each other and help bring other women into the space. And I know I myself wouldn’t even be in this space, if it wasn’t for Psych, who’s currently speaking on the Anarchists account right now.

Psych 41:27
Yeah, I have to agree. I’ve actually worked in a lot of male dominated industries. I’ve done everything from drove forklifts, to having a contracting company, to being the only woman in an all male sales team. So I think this is kind of my comfort zone. I don’t even notice that I’m a woman in this space. So I think that’s just kind of been the norm for me because of the careers and the different things I chose to do. My experience when we were in the Solana space was not so great, just on the more dev side, and… But I feel like Terra has been a lot more warm. And I have to say too, within our community, the men in our community have been incredible and so supportive. There’s times that I almost feel like as a woman, it might actually be an advantage for us, I’ll be quite honest, because there aren’t as many women in this space. Maybe to get noticed, it might take a little while. But once you do have people’s attention, you just stand out. So I don’t know, MetaMae, it’s been interesting how that’s been the case. And I have actually found that to be the case in a lot of other male dominated industries, that once I did kind of have that position, that place, and people’s attention, it was easier to stand out simply because I was a woman. So I think at times, maybe we could feel like we’re kind of marginalized. But in certain situations, we have an advantage as well. So it’s just gonna be walking that line and then playing with it. But we’ve had an amazing support from our community, from the women, the men, everybody in between. So that’s been something that I’m very, very grateful for.

MetaMae 43:28
I just wanted to add one last thing, before we move on from this question. But one of the cool things that I really love about this space is you have the choice to show whether you’re a woman or not, right. People have that option to remain anonymous, you have an option how you want to appear online, and no one’s really gonna bother you about it. And so that’s one of the cool things about this space. And I do agree with Psych, there are some advantages as a woman for sure. I definitely think depending on how you view it and how you think about it, you can use it to empower you in this space. What is it that you do, Amanda?

Amanda 44:05
Oh, no, no, I appreciate you guys talking. I wasn’t like at all trying to be a male hater by any mean?

MetaMae 44:10
Oh, not at all.

Psych 44:11
No, we didn’t get that impression at all.

Amanda 44:13
Oh, good. Good. Yeah, no. So right now I do accounts receivable for a company that mostly works with the Department of Defense. And then I kind of got connected to Terra Bites, I don’t know if any of you guys know about them. So I’m going to be working with them doing some kind of… I’m not sure exactly yet what project I’m gonna be working on. But I’m just excited to jump in. I’ve been researching and I have a three year old so during the nap time, I’m all in the Spaces. And I’ve been researching and reading white papers, litepapers and oh my gosh, just diving in. And I just think it’s a great opportunity to jump into this since it’s so new. And I feel like the future is in DeFi so I’m really excited to be on that journey with everybody else. So, no, I really appreciate you guys even doing the talks and just I enjoy listening, honestly.

MetaMae 45:11
I think that if you can find other women in the space to connect with and to kind of lean on each other for support, I think that has been something that really did help us in the beginning as well. You have more relatable experiences, you’re able to build off each other. And so yeah.

Amanda 45:27
Great, thank you.

Rebel Defi 45:30
That’s a brilliant question, a brilliant comment, Amanda. Edwin and I sort of thought about this before we jumped on the space. And it is quite surprising to have even just one woman in the team, nevermind two. I was actually at a LUNAtics meetup in London a few weeks ago. And there was about 30 people there and one woman so definitely seems quite an imbalanced space.

Psych 46:02
Yeah, I hope over time that we’ll be able to see more women represented. I think that when it comes to anything finance related, it’s not something that we’ve seen enough women in positions of leadership there. But I really do hope, especially with NFTs and the angle on arts, and also the charitable component, I think that we’ll be seeing a lot of women entering into the space. I think it just didn’t seem necessarily… It was a little bit too abstract and for too long, and now that we’ve got also these marketplaces, we’re gonna see a lot more diversity altogether in the space. And then same with LUNA kind of working its way up on the market cap too, I think that’s brought in a lot of attention. So I’m hopeful.

Rebel Defi 47:02
100%. I’m actually going to get my sister to listen to this Space. She’s sort of working in sort of female empowerment in the third sector, and I’ve been trying to get her to set up a wallet for ages, but she’s not done it. But yeah, this Space might do the trick. We’ll see. Now, we don’t have all that much time left, but I’d be interested to hear about your DAO and the sort of plans you have for that.

Deploydon 47:31
Yeah, so being a DAO, our plans are kind of open and generic, because ultimately it’s not really going to be entirely our plans. It’s going to be everyone’s plans. But right off the top, a lot of what we want to do with it is a way of using it to not only… I’ve had a lot of coffee today, as a way of kind of kind of accelerating everything forward, right. So we mentioned how we wanted to do our mint to then keep the hype going, well, in a lot of different projects after you do your mint, if all you are is art, what else do you really have to go on that can kind of keep things going, right. So as part of our DAO, we’re going to be able to use it for a couple things. One, we’re going to be able to use it to do giveaways, two, we’ll be using it to buy up floor price NFTs, so that way we can kind of create that constant demand. But another thing that we really want to do, and this is why we love doing a lot of these different Spaces and meeting with a lot of different projects and different protocols that are coming is we want to be able to eventually use that DAO to almost be an early VC investor in a lot of these projects. So if we have a partnership with some upcoming protocol, maybe we can vote with the DAO fund in order to allocate some of those funds to get seed access to an upcoming protocol that we can then airdrop to all of our existing NFT holders. So a lot of what we want to do initially is maximize yield, minimize risk. And then when we are fully set up, where we have everyone that can vote and propose different changes, a lot of that can change, we can kind of go more risky or less risk adverse and kind of maximize the yield.

Deploydon 49:17
And we were asked this question the other day, which was a lot of different projects are doing DAOs, what is it that you guys are doing differently?

Deploydon 49:25
And I kind of reframe that by essentially saying, “Well, the DAO isn’t us. You can’t really ask us what we’re going to do with the DAO,” so my question to the one asking that question was, “What is it that you want to do,” right. Different communities have different plans and they have different sentiments on kind of how they want to operate. Some communities may want to just ape it all in on something and try to be super risky, but trying to maximize yield, but we might have a more conservative community that just wants to kind of place more careful bets, yield generation, do airdrops and giveaways for all the holders. So really what our DAO is, it’s what our community wants to do as a whole, we’re mainly going to be setting it up and having it so they can vote and do proposals. And from there on out, we’re of course still going to be actively involved in everything, it’s not, “Here’s your DAO, let’s go on.” It’s, “Here’s the DAO, here’s what we can do.” I’ve been in crypto for at least 10 years now. And like I said, I’m consumed by all these different protocols launching. As we speak right now, I was just buying up more of the MARS coins. A lot of what I want to do is, I like talking about these protocols, I want to be able to just research them and say, “Look, here’s what I really like to do.” And then proposals can go in place and if everybody has the same feelings based off what we are interested in doing or what someone else is interested doing, we can move forward with that.

Deploydon 50:57
And one of the other things, we as three people, four people, whatever it may end up being, we can’t keep up with everything. And what I really like is now as part of a DAO, we have a lot more eyes on the space, there’s going to be people bringing forward things that we would never have even thought of, or ever have even had the time to dig into and that’s kind of what really excites me, because now we’re gonna have a community of a potential couple thousand people that are actively involved in the Terra space, in other IBC chains, and as these chains grow and expand with a lot of different things that are going to be possible, I say it very frequently, there’s going to be things possible soon that we didn’t even conceive of being an option. And once you start adding in things like interchain accounts, where we can have smart contracts, I can interact with smart contracts on other IBC chains, the possibilities just open up even further. We have Stargaze coming where we can bridge this NFT to that side so the community can move over there. So I mean, we all say it very frequently, we’re all still early. And yeah, that even applies here. We’re still early to the possibilities of what’s to come. I think I saw yesterday that there was like 80-something protocols planned to launch on Terra over the next coming months. And who knows, the amount of things that are possible. I’m sure you being in the space very deeply and seeing that it’s an endless amount of things to keep up with, and endless amount of… There’s not enough hours in the day to keep up with Terra, let alone everything and IBC as a whole, right.

Psych 52:31
That’s also why we felt good about coming over to Terra. We want options for our community and just like Deploydon was saying, we can put up proposals, and we’re one of the community, we’re just like everybody else in there so we could put up proposals, other people from the community can put up proposals. And I have so much faith also in not just our community, but just the overall Terra community. We have a lot of brilliant people there. So I know that there’s going to be some awesome proposals, suggestions, and conversations doncerning DAO funds. I don’t know if I would felt as confident on Solana for that, but I know that we’ve got a lot of financially savvy people in our community and in the Terra community. So that’s something that I have a lot of faith and a lot of trust in.

Rebel Defi 53:26
Awesome. I’m just looking on your website just now, about details for the mint. And I didn’t realize actually the waitlist spots, we might get three per wallet.

Psych 53:38
I think we likely… We might update that. But yeah, it was about 1500 supply, and three per wallet. But we actually have a pretty full whitelist, we might up that a little bit.

Rebel Defi 53:53
I mean, to be honest with you, I like when projects kind of restrict things. Because three is more than…

Deploydon 54:02
Yes, especially with a DAO, right. One thing we don’t want to do is have it so a lot of it’s skewed in a couple of wallets. So initially right after mint, the funds are going to exist within our multisig Treasury that is going to be used to maximize yield and play it very, very safe. We want to launch the DAO probably about 30 days out, which initially will allow us to use that yields for giveaways, buying up floor price ones, giving those away, but it also gives time for a lot of the people who initially buy some of these in order to just flip them, to kind of shake those out and kind of get more of a spread on this, right. We don’t want 10 people owning all of them that just wouldn’t play right when we have any sort of governance vote up. So we feel a slight delay in between will allow more people to get their hands on these, these would trade hands, and in the trades in the secondary sales that DAO is just going to keep on growing. So it’s going to be even more funds for the community to work with when that happens. But yeah, we like the idea of… We don’t want 100% of everything to sell out in the whitelist, we want the public to also have options as well. And we kind of scaled things accordingly to allow the best of both sides.

Rebel Defi 55:18
Sure. Yeah. I mean, looks like you’ve got almost double in the public mint than the whitelist. A question that came in from the audience was to do with the NFTs that are going to be available for your Psychedelic Sloth community. I can see it’s 100 on the website, are those going to be given away? Or is that just 100 guaranteed mints for the Sloths?

Psych 55:40
Oh, that might change. So we have a validation process for the Sloth holders to validate their Sloth. Here’s the thing is like, the reason we’re here, and the reason we have the experience, and the knowledge is because we went through another mint, right. And it didn’t sell out. But those community members, that’s our family, we are bringing them with us. We also respect that they invested in us. So that being said, there’s a validation process, so we’re going to probably cut it off… Well, we’re gonna cut it off probably a week before mint. So we have to look and see what those numbers are. It might not be like 100 exactly, it might be a little bit different, but we’d have to check that out. But for anybody who minted a Sloth, we’re going to be awarding them an Anarchist, this way… We wanted to do the DAO, we wanted to do these other things with that project. But unfortunately, we couldn’t. So the people that stick with us, we’re going to make sure that they’re taken care of, they’re already part of the Anarchists family, we’ve got Jeager down here, who’s actually one of our mods who is from the Sloth community initially. He was tirelessly even putting in so many hours and taking care of our Discord. So that’s our family. We’re taking them with us. And I don’t know exactly what the number is, but we’ll update that closer to mint.

Psych 55:47
Cool, I love the idea of sort of community building and looking after people that have supported you from the early days. Just looking at the website a little bit more, just gonna go back a page. Yeah. The mint revenue allocation, just sort of adding the numbers up, it doesn’t add up to 100%. So is the remainder going to the team? Or is there something else?

Rebel Defi 57:01
Yeah, so whatever is leftover is going to the team. So that’s more of like the public… We can update that as well. I feel like that could be confusing. But yeah, so remainder goes to the team. And then we have the split for everything else that’s there.

Rebel Defi 57:45
Wonderful. Yeah, I mean, I’m big on sort of transparency and stuff. But I mean, I suppose everyone can work out how much is left, and it’s likely to be the team. That’s what I assumed. But I think it’d be nice just to have it there so it’s clear for everyone what’s what. On this sort of campaign section of the website, it starts off with season one. And then do I do down or do I go across? I’m not sure which way I should be reading this.

Psych 58:09
Yeah, it depends upon if you’re on mobile or desktop. So just go to the right, and then go back, just reading across from left to right.

Rebel Defi 58:18
Right, right. I’ve got you. Okay, yeah, we’re almost at the one hour mark, is there anything else you’d like to add to this Space?

Psych 58:27
I just want to say thank you, we appreciate you for being up for doing this, for being a real friend and getting to know us. And likewise, we’re excited to get to know more about you. What really made you want to… As you’re looking at other collections, I’m sure there’s a lot of different people that you could collab with. But when you’re looking at collections, what is it that you’re looking for when it comes to who it is that you’re going to interview, or feature, or connect with? I think that’s important, especially if there’s other people in the Space who are running collections to get an idea of how they can get integrated into the Terra community.

Rebel Defi 59:11
I often get compliments about my accent. And you think, well, you didn’t really choose your accent. But when I was hearing you speaking with Cephii, I didn’t realize you were Canadian, I’m not great with accents but I thought, “Wow, those are quite cool American accents.” So that was definitely part of it. Just listening to you talk so eloquently about your project and not that it’s just art, and not that it’s just a DeFi project, but the fact you’re kind of merging the two, you’ve got the lore, you’ve got the art, and then you’ve also got the DAO as well. So I just thought it was a really nice combination. And the fact that you weren’t really sort of chasing Twitter Spaces. You just kind of put out there that you’re up for doing them. Because we do get a lot of requests to sort of… I think as you were saying, you get tons of requests to sort of jump on a Space. And sometimes that’s almost off putting. But it was just a sort of… You put out a sort of invitation, “Yeah, you can reach out to us if you’re interested.” And yeah, I was pretty interested. So I thought, yeah, we’ll get the Orbital Command and Anarchists together, if possible. And fortunately, it works out.

Psych 1:00:20
Awesome. So glad to hear and yeah, we’re happy to be here and thank you, thank you for everything.

Rebel Defi 1:00:27
Awesome. Well just before we go, actually, I can just see… And I think this is quite… I’m gonna have to take a screenshot of this. I’ve got the Defi Jedi and TerraSpaces are right next to each other. And I think they’re friends from they’ve got a particular hobby in common. So I think… Yeah, thank you very much for everyone that’s been on the Space. Thank you to the Anarchists for showing up and speaking so passionately about their project. And Finn at TerraSpaces will get this recording out when he has the time. I imagine he’s working pretty quick actually, getting them out under…

Deploydon 1:00:58
Yeah, so is that a bot that actively just joins all the Spaces or is that somebody that’s manually seeing these Spaces and joining and recording these?

Orbital Command 1:01:04
It’s Finn. So it’s…

Psych 1:01:06
Yeah, it’s Don Finn in our Discord.

Deploydon 1:01:09

Orbital Command 1:01:09
He’s got three computers running together at the same time. And he’s editing on one and the other two are recording. He’s a machine for sure. If you guys…

Deploydon 1:01:19
That’s why I thought it was literally a bot. [chuckle] That’s impressive.

Orbital Command 1:01:23
No, he’s a hard working man and we support him. He does a really good job for the space. So we love working with him and his interns. [chuckle] But I just wanted to make a comment. So the biggest takeaway for me during this conversation, and I’m new to exploring your project, Rebel brought it up to my attention, I think it’s just the time commitment. I feel like you guys have spent a lot of time with the previous project. And then now with this project, you’re kind of doubling down on the lessons that you learned from the first project, and that has contributed to a lot of the success that you’ve experienced so far here in Terra, right. Time is a broad word, but in that time you’ve explore Terra as a blockchain, DeFi, NFT projects, marketplaces, communities, you’ve done your research and based on that you’ve been able to come up with all these ideas to provide an area where your community can engage and can feel supported with ideas, right. And now with the DAO, just getting them involved with the decisions on how money is being spent as well. So I think just the biggest takeaway for me, it’s just that the time and you guys working full time on this. It shows, because your project is deep, very deep. So yeah, thank you guys for spending time with us as well.

Psych 1:02:52
Thank you.

Deploydon 1:02:53
Yes, thanks for having us. And yeah, the research definitely doesn’t end as you all know, it’s just endless chaos and love it.

Rebel Defi 1:03:01
Awesome. Well, we’ll see you on the Discord. Thanks, guys.

MetaMae 1:03:04
Thank you.

Deploydon 1:03:05
Alright. Thanks, everyone.

Rebel Defi 1:03:06
Good night.

Deploydon 1:03:06

Finn 1:03:07
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