Transcript: Astroport AstroSync Phase 2 AMA

Finn 0:42
Hello, and welcome to The Ether. Today is Wednesday, December 22nd 2021. This is a Twitter Space hosted by Astroport. It’s the AstroSync Phase 2 AMA with danku and friends. Let’s take a listen.

Midas 0:59
About education, about possibilities of the future of crypto, futuristics, people with visions, those that are trying to build something, builders, developers, this kind of persons that are in for the long run, and not just to be part of a place to talk about price. So if you’re looking for the community to be a place of talking just about price, it’s not gonna be the right place, I would say so. It’s more to find persons who resonate on the same intellectual level, or that have the same vision, or that actually want to make something bigger out of crypto, rather than just make a quick buck. Right. Hopefully I explained myself.

brokenBean 1:55
Yeah. Can I just want to add one thing. You misunderstood my question. I don’t care, actually, about the price. I’m curious if the price change affects the approach of the ASTRO? Is there any work plan? Did you guys do any research on that? Did you guys make any predictions? Is there any gameplay for that? Like, for example, I’m doing product management. If the client doesn’t like something, then I have to prepare a work plan, I have to think the second step. Did you guys think about second step? I’m not talking about price. I’m just curious what you guys are thinking, what you guys are planning. I’m trying to get… I would like to hear from you your work plan.

danku 2:37
Stefan, I don’t know if… I hope that he’s back because we lost him for a second. I understand your question, broken, more in terms of, is there any effect on Astroport itself as a Dex, depending on whatever the price of Phase 2 is, right? If it’s extremely high, although I hope Stefan is back. And maybe you can elaborate if it has any effect on this.

Stefan Ionescu 2:57
I mean, I guess the only effect would be the… How emissions for different pools, like Astroport has a generator for each pool that gets ASTRO emissions, continuous emissions over the years. I guess as the ASTRO price moves around, it can affect the APY for each pool. But that’s pretty much it. The decks itself will just work as usual, swaps will work, providing liquidity will be the same. So, no, the core functionality of the protocol won’t be affected at all.

brokenBean 3:36
And also, is there any progress with the Jimmy Le’s proposal? I think he made a proposal to Terra yesterday. And did you guys hear about it?

Stefan Ionescu 3:45
I didn’t. No. Can you elaborate on that?

brokenBean 3:50
Yeah, so basically, I actually… I read last night. It was like, he was proposing that some of the USTs in Terra ecosystem can be converted into LUNA with through Astroport or TerraSwap. And he was saying that there were some other Solana DEX, that are willing to do the same thing. So this is going to help to create a deeper liquidity for UST and decrease the volume of LUNA. It was a great idea for me. But also I would like to know, what is the negative side? I checked the comments in the proposal page, and there was nothing negative but there should be something negative. It’s not good to see everything is positive, or it’s not good to see everything’s negative. It’s good to see both sides. So I’m curious, have you guys thought about it, or heard about it?

Midas 4:49
If I recall correctly, this for incentives on other networks, on other chains outside of Terra. Not sure, danku, if you were aware of that, or Cephii.

danku 5:00
Yeah, I think it’s just… I mean, from my general perspective, it’s not directly connected to Astroport or has any effect on it in the end. We all know that the more UST scales, the better it is. And the more we bring other platforms and also protocols on other platforms to use UST is a big step forward for the use case of UST. We have seen this already with Mercury, and with Saber, like a few months ago. We have seen something similar on DinoSwap a few months ago. So I think probably this is not directly connected to Astroport, in terms. That’s why also Stefan is right now not aware of this case. Probably long term, whatever needs to be swapped on Terra, Astroport will benefit. That will be my two cents, from my perspective. That’s how I see the ecosystem. So that will probably help. I hope that makes sense for you, Mr. broken. And then we have also Cephii over here. Mr. Cephii, how are you?

Cephii 5:57
Hey, guys. Good, good. I was gonna make a brief comment to what broken was saying. Number one, no matter what you do in crypto, you’re going to have a depression/euphoria cycle. And one thing to keep in mind with Astroport in particular is, the tokenomics of Astroport and everything are designed, first and foremost, for professional LP folks, people who are really in it for the long term. So be aware that if you’re just trying to speculate on the ASTRO token, just as a point of like making a quick buck, I’m not sure that’s what I would recommend doing, actually. Your mindset really needs to be fairly long term from the perspective of ASTRO. So, just something to keep in mind.

brokenBean 6:49
Cephii, this is not directly for me, right? You’re just talking for general?

Cephii 6:53
General. Yeah, I mean, generally speaking from… So there’s nothing that, I think, the protocol can do from the perspective of the morale and mood of the community except to design the initial tokenomics well, in my view. And I think that’s been done to the best of their ability. After that, it’s simply a function of, people just have to know their risks and whatnot. But I don’t think you’re gonna make everyone feel good when a token price is down, or like or whatever, that’s just gonna happen no matter what, in my view,

danku 7:23
It’s a good point that you’re talking there about, which probably helped… I think it happens pretty quickly is that people connect, I mean, we know why, the price of a token to the work case of a protocol itself, right. I see Mr. Tundra here. Hey, how are you Mister. I just use you now, as a case of, it makes no sense to say now Psi is down a bit from its all time high, and Nexus is not doing a good work, or job, right? This is not connected at all. I think the protocol is working, for example, in Nexus case is amazingly good. It’s perfectly working. So that’s the more important thing also for the developers, right. And then hopefully, on the long run, also, the tokenomics of Psi will reflect what the protocol is bringing to the table. But this cannot work in three, four or five weeks. I don’t know when Tundra was on Terra Bites. I think, great interview, it was like five weeks after the launch of Psi. Yeah, devs do something, price not going up. [chuckle] I think that’s what Cephii was also saying here. This is really a long term thing, which ASTRO is also probably, hopefully, reflecting. I don’t know, Stefan, maybe you can quickly react on how you see right now the Phase 2 running, in terms of how do you see the influx in the pools? How do you see people reacting on all of this right now? Do you see kind of a euphoria or not? What Cephii was talking about, if you want to reflect on this?

Stefan Ionescu 8:43
Yeah, honestly, I think people will wait, potentially until the last day when they can deposit, so the fifth day, to see exactly what’s happening in the meantime and think about whether they want to deposit anything or not. So it might be very similar to Phase 1 where we saw an influx of people coming in in the last day after they saw what had happened. We had a push of, I don’t remember exactly, was it $300 million in the last day or something like that? A huge push. So potentially, if I were to be in any of these phases, I will take my time and reflect on what I want to do. Right now it’s going decently well, in my view. It’s fairly good, like the distribution of ASTRO and UST. But we’ll see what happens over the next couple of days.

danku 9:37
Yeah, until we’re waiting here for more questions. If somebody wants to ask, just request the mic and come up here. Maybe I can ask you, Stefan, more in terms of what people can see on the Active Phase page right now, so that they can also feel a little bit more comfortable if people also maybe don’t want to come up and ask questions. So what I see right now is, in the middle, one ASTRO is 1.35 UST, that’s currently the case. Please correct me, this is calculated based on the amount of ASTRO that is put in the pool and the amount of UST, which is put in the pool. And then you have a few more KPIs in there. One is on the left side next to the ASTRO one that you see, “Current ASTRO reward per 1,000 ASTRO deposited”, and on the other side, the “Current ASTRO reward per 1,000 UST deposited”. Maybe you can quickly give some insights what this means for people if they decide to deposit either on ASTRO or the UST side. Oh, I think we lost Stefan there. Well, this is the same thing as earlier with the Anchor AMA. Sorry, everybody.

Midas 10:32
You’re kicking Stefan and you were kicking Ian, right? Yeah.

danku 10:32
I’m not kicking anybody. I would kick you immediately, ser, just to try it out. [chuckle]

Midas 10:41
That’s why I keep myself on mute.

danku 10:45
I think Stefan is back.

Midas 10:47
Ser? Stefan?

Stefan Ionescu 10:49
Can you hear me?

danku 10:50

Stefan Ionescu 10:50
Okay, amazing. This time works great. Cool.

danku 10:56
Did you get my question?

Stefan Ionescu 10:57
No, nothing, sorry.

danku 10:58
Okay, then. Anyway, just forget about it. Because we have scott in here in the meantime. He probably has a better question than me anyway.

scott 11:05
Cephii, it’s actually the exact same question you had. [chuckle] Which is basically… Okay, so I would fall under that category of probably shouldn’t be doing this ’cause I don’t know enough. However, throwing my hat in the ring for the long term for ASTRO. But from what I look at it from my noob perspective, and please correct me if I’m wrong, am I diluting my potential ASTRO if the price increases dramatically, by entering into the second phase, by giving up my ASTRO for half… Like let’s say I don’t deposit the UST side, cut my ASTRO in half, replaces it with a stable. And then when I go to unlock, let’s say in a year, or go to withdraw, I now have half the ASTRO tokens that I had if I had held instead, does that make sense? Or was that retarded?

Stefan Ionescu 11:59
So the ASTRO and/or UST amount after launch, after Astroport DEX launches, will inevitably change, depending on how people swap in that pool. So it’s not one year. People that lock tokens in Phase 2 will linearly unlock over three months, over 90 days, their liquidity from ASTRO-UST linearly. So like every day, you can unlock a portion of your liquidity from that pool. And as you unlock the ASTRO and UST amounts will, either way, change as people kind of execute swaps in that pool. So it’s a long way of saying it might not be half, it might be more, it might be less, depending on how other people swap ASTRO to UST, UST to ASTRO.

scott 12:52
Well, I would be cutting my ASTRO in half essentially, right, if I’m doing a 50:50 for the LP. So the rewards are cut in half because half of that goes to the other LP side, right.

Stefan Ionescu 13:05
The reward for adding, like right now, in the pool isn’t cut in half. You get… I think we show now, kind of a projected amount of ASTRO that you could get at the moment by locking either only ASTRO, only UST, or both. So that’s not cut in half.

scott 13:22

danku 13:23
Maybe scott, let me add there and let me know if that makes sense for you. Because I think it’s a very important question also in terms of, what happens if you put now ASTRO in there, or UST in there? What I understand is, or what I think in my head is, usually you go in a 50:50 pool, if you would just put one side down the protocol takes it, sells half of it, and puts it in the pool, right? I agree with you. That’s what you’re hinting at. The problem here is, or the fascinating part is, there is right now no price for ASTRO in terms of what should we get cut in half, because right now it’s not set, right. So in the end, the pool will exactly look like, with the amount of ASTRO and UST in there, how you see it right now. I’m looking right now at the dashboard, it’s 12.5 million ASTRO, 16.9 million UST. If today would be the phase over, that would be it, right. So that would be also the price one, 1 ASTRO is $1.35. If you just put in one ASTRO on the left side, your ASTRO then becomes, the moment it goes live, previous value of $1.35. And then it depends, of course, how much in relation to your ASTRO is to the rest of the UST. You then become an LP holder. So your LP reflects exactly this amount of value you put into the pool. Will then a part of your value that you put in the pool be transferred into UST? Yes, it will. The problem is right now, it’s basically, you don’t know exactly how much will be transferred. And let’s say, as a thank you for putting something in, you’re right now also getting additional ASTRO rewards. And you’re seeing it here then in the dashboard. That was my question to Stefan. ASTRO is still at 399 per 1,000 ASTRO put down and UST is at almost 300 ASTRO for putting 1,000 UST down. Does this makes it a little bit more tangible for you, scott?

scott 15:05
I would like to say yes. [chuckle] Yes, I see that as well right now. Right now I’m on it. So I’ve got, again, not very much, but I got about 790 ASTRO. And it says estimated rewards, like you said, are about 300. So 315 with the March lock-up end date. I guess where I’m still confused is, where’s the other side of the LP? If I’m… So it’s not necessarily taking my 790 and cutting it in half and then transferring that to 50% into UST. So it’s not selling my ASTRO essentially right now and converting it into UST. So that in March, I would have half of the ASTRO token, you’re saying?

danku 15:56
Exactly. You don’t know. Because we need to wait until Tuesday how much UST will be added to the pool. Because right now you’re putting in ASTRO that has literally no strict value of UST on the other side. Right? That’s why you, anyway, get on top kind of a reward right now. You have almost 1,000 ASTRO put down. So you almost get like 400 ASTRO on top as a thank you, anyway, at the end of Phase 2. And Stefan just add in here. And I think the KPI that you’re then looking at, from this perspective is the one over the 399, is the +40%, which is trying to reflect on how much you’re really earning on top because of your deposit. Right. So right now, it would be at 40%. Will this go down over time if more people are adding? Yes. But right now you’re sitting there at 40% of an upturn just for participating.

scott 16:46
Okay, thank you. So I don’t have to provide any UST? I could provide just on the ASTRO side. And so with the estimated ASTRO award, it would essentially be, let’s just for round numbers say, it’s 1,000 ASTRO that have been deposited. At the time when Phase 3 occurs, or when Phase 2 is over, a price will be determined, that price will be applied to the number of ASTRO that I have. And then that’ll be… And then at that time, does it cut and then provide the other half of the LP?

danku 17:18
I don’t know if Stefan want to add there. From my let’s say retail perspective, it’s not really cutting. But yes, it’s converting part of your deposit, based on the value you have into then the right relationship of your LP token.

scott 17:33
Okay, so 50% of the value of the ASTRO token or the LP will be converted into UST.

danku 17:40
Yes, yeah, yeah. If I’m not wrong.

scott 17:41
And then going forward, during that period of lock, we will receive basically transaction fees from ASTRO and UST into that LP, into the wallet. Is that right?

danku 17:58
I think we lost Stefan in the meantime, again, poor guy, he probably is just right now throwing his phone against the wall. So I’ll just take this in terms of because I covered this anyway also, on my video. Yes. So this is the… For me was a fascinating topic in terms of if you participated in Phase number 1, you had basically quadruple rewards, right? Because you had the Phase one reward, you had the LP staking rewards depending on the token and then what you’re hinting at, you have just the typical DEX rewards, which are called ASTRO Generator rewards, and you’re getting the swap fees which are also used to from TerraSwap. So if you would lock, today, your ASTRO, you set it right, you get now this one time reward for going in there. But over the next three months, you will get also the typical fees because people will interact with the pool and you get the ASTRO Generator rewards, which you can already now check because there was also a Medium article, right, Midas? Explaining what will be the rewards for also specifically the ASTRO-UST pool.

scott 18:55
Yeah. Thank you. That cleared up a lot. I appreciate that.

danku 19:01
Yeah, you’re welcome, ser.

scott 19:03
Oh, and anybody else that’s on the call, checkout danku’s Twitter. Very helpful, by the way, so thank you for everything you put out.

danku 19:11
Thank you, ser.

scott 19:12
Midas, you got… I break my brain every day with your guys’s content, so.

danku 19:21
Really much appreciated. Thank you, ser.

Midas 19:22
Thank you, ser. Appreciate it. Hey, so we have brokenBean again, but I think… I don’t know what’s happening today with the Twitter Spaces ’cause he’s trying to connect but not working here and Stefan is gone. Okay, so he’s back. Let’s see this works, man.

danku 19:45
So everybody is mad here. [chuckle]

Midas 19:50
Hey, Stefan. Is it working?

Stefan Ionescu 19:53
I don’t know. LUNA goes down. My Wi-Fi goes down. Twitter is down. Jack left Twitter. Twitter broke. I don’t know what’s happening.

Midas 20:03
Hey guys. [chuckle] Man it’s one of those days. Hey, we have brokenBean again. Hey, ser.

brokenBean 20:10
Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on with Twitter. Fourth time it’s just… The application is crashing. I’m not able to… I have to rejoin again. So I was seeing so many questions about dual rewards and people were asking if you’re gonna get… For the dual rewards are we going to get for example ANC plus ASTRO, or it’s just going to be ASTRO? And people were asking so many questions about if it’s going to be different whether we put our liquidity right now or at the end of the Phase 2? Can you guys, maybe, answer?

danku 20:51
Let’s see if Stefan is still up here and he wants to take this one.

Midas 20:58
Hey, ser, is it working? [chuckle]

danku 21:02
Poor guy. I don’t know if he ever comes back. [chuckle] Midas, do you want to take the ASTRO Generator one?

Midas 21:07
[chuckle] Well, so what I know from the ASTRO Generator is that it all depends on each of the protocols if they’re gonna… Which ones are gonna get their rewards. I know, for example, Mirror is gonna stop giving out rewards very soon, so don’t count on that one. And Anchor, I don’t know how long the emissions and the airdrops are gonna be lasting for in the whole LP. But it all depends on which… On the pool that you’re trying to get into. I remember on Phase 1 there was like all the pools that you could provide to except for LUNA and bLUNA, and LUNA and UST, I remember all of them had rewards. Do you remember, danku?

danku 21:59
Yeah, I think I would also understand the question a little bit different in terms of how can you claim them? Because I asked the question myself to Stefan, I think last week, in terms of, so how does the interface look like. And my understanding was, while we’re now trying to get Stefan also back here, is that it just looks like on Anchor Protocol right now, you would go on the Govern page on Anchor Protocol, you go on your LP and you then say claim. The same would still be on the ASTRO page, I mean, I’ve not seen that one. I’m working hard here to get my alpha in there for the interface. But yeah, it would be the same, right, even if this stuff is locked, you can still claim your Anchor LP token rewards, you can still claim your ASTRO rewards, nothing is converted into ASTRO right, so ASTRO is clean native ASTRO, Anchor is also native Anchor, so you’re just getting your stuff. The only thing you cannot, because I was asked this question on YouTube, and I also asked them Stefan and the team, is you cannot, let’s say, put your rewards back into the pool that is basically locked. You need to open a separate normal Anchor-UST pool on ASTRO and then you can just put everything in that bag. That’s possible.

Midas 23:12
Does that answer your question, brokenBean?

danku 23:16
We lost another folk.

Midas 23:18
Oh, no.

danku 23:20
Can we have a count? Can I get paid now every time I lose somebody here? If I would get paid in Anchor already, that would have been great today. [chuckle]

Midas 23:27
If you got paid in LUNA for everybody that goes down here… Let me bring TeFi Luck. Who’s having 100% open source, fair P2P gambling services for Terra. Hey, Ser. Welcome.

TeFi Luck 23:45
Hello, guys. Thank you for the little introduction. So I have a question to Astroport, which is a little bit weird, but still. Well, on the Uniswap, I really like the thing that… They once released this cool NFT socks, which eventually started to price like $40,000 and still… And considering that Astroport is a really well designed thing, we have this fancy stickers for making memes, we have this cool designs and animations. So can we expect, in the future, something like this? Or like, I don’t know, some kind of drop? Give us a leak if it’s possible. Will we have some clothing or some merch from Astroport as NFTs?

Midas 24:33
So one of the ways that Astroport has, right now, is that anybody can take the materials, the designs, the branding of Astroport, it’s open source. And you can create your own store and… Actually the community, like LunaLoot, or if you have any plans or ideas on creating stickers, clothing, or anything, you can set it up and make a profit make money off it, if I recall correctly. Stefan, can you add anything to this? Did we lose you? [chuckle] Oh no, no way.

danku 25:18
Oh, poor guy. I don’t know, in general, Midas, maybe we take it on a different channel in parallel. And of discussing if this makes sense to keep on in terms of we’re losing people all the time. If we should just move it to another day, I’m happy to just come back and make this happen again. Because this is probably also, for every listener, a very tough situation. So I’m feeling sorry for everybody who now… And also for Stefan specifically, right, just dropping in and out.

Midas 25:23
You’re a great host, and it makes it fun. [chuckle] Every time somebody drops, you just interjecting and saying something. It makes it a cool AMA, but you’re right. TeFi, I don’t know if I answered your question.

TeFi Luck 26:08
Well, that’s actually something to consider. Basically, it’s up to community to create this kind of things like clothing and merch. So it’s probably a good idea and something which will come up in the future. I thought whether it’s going to come from the team, like from the core team, but it seems like it’s not planned. So we will see in the future if something like this will pop up.

Midas 26:32
Gotcha. Okay. No, there’s no plans of that.

TeFi Luck 26:38
Okay, thank you for your response

danku 26:40
Thank you, Mister. Then we have xulian over here.

xulian 26:44
Yeah, thanks for having me guys. Everyone’s just dropping off. I wanted to ask if the airdrop situation was solved. I know some people weren’t getting the… They weren’t eligible for airdrops, and some people were getting less. I don’t know if that got solved.

Midas 27:07
I don’t have any information. I don’t have any information of that, perhaps we have to wait for Stefan to answer that.

danku 27:20
So I mean, I talked to Stefan and Midas when we had a quick briefing before and we talked kind of what is there, and I asked the question myself and I think I understood Stefan in terms of that, there is the team right now is working on an announcement which probably comes out soon. So I think anyway, Midas, what is the best place to ask? Here, also the discord, to be up to speed or just waiting for Twitter announcement? What do you think is the best for people to just be on top of the game in terms of announcements?

Midas 27:49
Yeah, that’s what I know as well. I will wait until there’s announcement posted on Discord or on Twitter. That’s the channels that you can check for any of the announcements, as far as all the information that I have right now.

danku 28:10
Cool, thank you.

xulian 28:11
Cool. Thank you.

danku 28:12
Can we have stefan springer up here?

stefan springer 28:18
Hello, I just had a quick question, if Astroport had considered trying to propose Anchor supporting ASTRO as a deposit side? And what maybe the pros and cons to that would be?

Midas 28:39
You mean as an asset that you can provide to…

stefan springer 28:44
Yes, to do a borrow, so you provide it as a collateral asset.

danku 28:53
Ah, I gotcha. Gotcha. I think you are basically saying bASTRO. Is that your question?

stefan springer 28:59
Yes, exactly. Just to maybe add some extra incentive and less incentive to sell and hold ASTRO longer term.

danku 29:09
Very cool so I think we try to get José up here. Let’s see if we get him as a speaker probably he can react. To my understanding xASTRO will be capable as a collateral latest on Mars, but if Mr. José is able to speak he can probably also reflect on that.

José Maria Macedo 29:28
Yep, I missed the full question. Is it just whether xASTRO will be usable as collateral?

danku 29:35
Yes, sir.

José Maria Macedo 29:36
Yeah, yeah, xASTRO will be usable as collateral. It will have to be onboarded onto Mars. So sort of be liquid enough to do that, but it will be usable as collateral and sort of fungible.

Midas 29:52
But not on Anchor, right?

José Maria Macedo 29:57
It’s not really a great candidate, frankly, because it doesn’t have a fixed yield, right? The yield varies, but it technically could be used on Anchor. You just have to make a version of it that doesn’t compound, I suppose.

danku 30:15
So we have bASTRO then, bASTRO.

José Maria Macedo 30:17

danku 30:20
xulian, you’re raising your hand again.

xulian 30:24
Yeah, thanks. I wanted to ask about the other pools, like bETH, and all the Mirror pools and if there’s going to be IBC integration, too, for when there’s ATOM on Terra or Secret Network? Or those like… How are those going to be funded? Or are they going to be included in the incentives at all?

danku 30:45
José, can you take that? And also maybe reflect a little bit how the Astral Assembly in the future will decide on the different generators?

José Maria Macedo 30:52
Yeah, sure. So Mirror pools is down to mirror governance. So obviously Mirror right now is switching over the MIR-UST pool to Astroport. But for the mAssets, those are staying on TerraSwap for now. So it would be up to Mirror governance to sort of make a vote and move the incentives, the MIR incentives from TerraSwap to Astroport, which would have to happen after launch at this point. And obviously, it has nothing to do with Astroport. In terms of the issuance, I’m sorry for the background noise, I’m not at home. But in terms of the issuance, the way it works is any pool that’s listed on Astro is actually eligible to receive issuance. And it’s down to the community, a.k.a. xASTRO and vxASTRO holders to decide which pools deserve issuance, right. And that happens in a biweekly vote. So the way to see Astroport, and the way I’ve kind of been conceptualizing it in my mind is, you have a liquidity protocol where anyone can create a pool. And I think the idea is to make that as flexible as possible, to have as many pool types as possible. And then on the front end, that gets aggregated. So it finds the best execution across all the different pools that exist for a certain asset and gets the best execution. And then there’s also token incentives for different pools, which the community decide which pools deserve issuance. So there’s no need for governance proposal, no need for all that kind of logistics and sort of coordination. It just happens automatically every two weeks.

danku 32:21
Cool, and if I can also, Julian, add there. Because I was in the meantime, also scrolling through the Medium articles. There is one medium article called Announcing Astroport’s Post-Launch ASTRO Emission Schedule. And there you can see all the pools that in the beginning will get ASTRO tokens, right. So there’s also stuff like nETH-Psi in there, stETH-UST. So I think if you want to make a deep dive, you can really check right now the amount that is put down there.

xulian 32:47
Thank you very much, guys.

danku 32:49
Thank you, Mister. And, as I said, if some people want to come in, I think we’ll just do 15 more minutes. And José, now that we have you up here, how do you see right now {hase 2? I don’t know if you want to reflect a bit and give some insights from your perspective.

José Maria Macedo 33:03
Sorry, was that me?

danku 33:05
Yes. Yeah, if you could, just quickly, until we’re waiting for more questions, reflect on how you see right now Phase 2. Are you happy? Do you think it’s going good?

José Maria Macedo 33:14
Yeah, I think it’s going good. Yeah, there’s a bunch of ASTRO locked up. I think the… Yeah, I think overall it’s going pretty well. I would say there’s some lessons to learn for next time for this. I think one of them is just that the ASTRO deposits probably need to end before the UST deposits end, so there’s some period where just UST depositors come in. Because otherwise, it creates a situation where there’s not a great incentive to be early depositing ASTRO, because you can’t withdraw, and you don’t know what price you’re gonna get. And so kind of incentivizes some people to not deposit their ASTRO, to wait until the last moment to deposit their ASTRO, which isn’t great because it doesn’t give UST depositors certainty about how much faster they’re getting. So I think that’s probably an improvement that we’ll try and make for next time, and something that we can kind of only see once it runs, and you can really reason about it. But yeah, overall I think it’s going pretty well. The subsidies still very attractive. So I suspect we’ll see participation go to at least 20 million ASTRO by the end of it. Where the subsidies a bit more reasonable, because right now you’re still getting paid like sort of 40% in ASTRO just for participating, which is pretty silly. So yeah, I mean overall I think it’s going pretty well. It’s going to be cool to have liquidity from the get go and I’m also curious to see what the price does once this thing lists. But yeah, so far I think things are going pretty well. What do you guys think?

danku 34:56
Yeah, me as a numbers guy, I’m just interested in seeing how the charts are moving, as you said, right? How much ASTRO is added, how much UST is added. And it’s interesting that you had this reflection because before you joined, we had somebody also asking kind of, “I add some ASTRO right now, does it make sense? Can you guys help me?” I mean, of course, all of this is no financial advice anyway. But as you said, it seems pretty interesting to see when people go in there, right. I guess a lot of people are waiting, as you said, until Saturday, I think it is, or Sunday morning for me, to say, “Okay, should I make a move? Yes or no?” [chuckle] Because everybody wants to make the right move.

José Maria Macedo 35:34
Yeah, exactly. I think that’s also… Yeah, that’s why I think next time probably having like a three day deposit window for the asset, and then two more days where only UST can come in. So that you kind of force the native token depositors to move earlier, and then UST depositors have time to kind of decide how much they want to put in, might make sense. I’m also curious about the community’s feedback on shortening the phases a bit. Because, obviously, most of the action happens on the last day. And so the rest of the time, you’re kind of like waiting around a bit. But also, I know a few people who missed the Astroport Lockdrop, because they were kind of too late, or they didn’t know it was happening or whatever. So maybe shortening the phase would have even more people like that. So, kind of torn on that one.

danku 36:22
That’s a good one. And if somebody wants to reflect on this, just feel free to come up here. Oh, xulian, you wanted to add something?

xulian 36:28
Yeah, I was thinking maybe incentivizing early people that lock their money, because I have noticed, I was pretty early with the first part. And then on the last day, my incentives dropped by 10, which is pretty sad. But it was still nice to see so many people locking up on ASTRO. But if there’s some type of incentive for the early people that are locking, without really looking at incentives, it can be interesting for people even if you keep the same length.

José Maria Macedo 37:01
It’s just… Whenever you do something where you reward people for being early, it just ends up getting like wrecked by bots, is the main issue. If there’s an advantage to being early, what we see is just bots come in, and just wreck it. So we always try and design things so that there’s kind of no advantage to being early.

Speaker 1 37:20
For this being a first of this kind of newish model, or mix of models, it was nice that there was a long period of time to really think about the game theory and stuff. But as it goes on, and other projects maybe implement something similar, they might… People get more used to it, type of thing. That’s my thoughts.

José Maria Macedo 37:46
That’s a good take.

danku 37:48
Cool, thank you for reflecting. Let’s go next with AA, and then with Mr. Mario.

AA 37:54
Yeah, hey guys, I really appreciate the opportunity to come up and talk to you guys. And I’ve been thoroughly impressed with Astroport’s creativity and execution so far, obviously, nothing goes off totally without a hitch. And I’m sure there’s been some things in the background. But overall, it’s been just a pleasure. So I thank you for that. So I was looking for a little bit more information on… ‘Cause I want to make as many layers to the rewards as possible, obviously, participating in Phase 1, and to Phase 2 is some layering of the rewards there. Understanding that there’s more rewards coming my way with having not provided liquidity on an ongoing basis. I’m assuming that the the next layer to this would be into xASTRO. And that that would be then acquiring interest as a staked token, kind of similar to the xSUSHI, like I read in the Medium articles. And my understanding to that is correct, right?

José Maria Macedo 39:07
That’s right, yeah. So you’ll have two options once… Post launch. You’ll either be able to do the xASTRO, which is single sided exposure, similar to xSUSHI, as you said, or you’ll be able to do the ASTRO-UST pool, which will be getting, I think, 15% of issuance until the xASTRO comes on board. At which point obviously will be decided by the Astral Assembly. So those are kind of your two options there.

AA 39:34
Okay. And then having understood that there’s some similarities in that respect to SUSHI. And looking at the whitepaper itself, and looking at the intricacies to the formulas and how we’re doing some different calculations on the actual liquidity pool with the volume weighted average, it seems like you’ve got some advantages over SUSHI itself. I’m really curious as to how do we make sure that we don’t end up in due time going the same way as SUSHI? Obviously, there’s some technology, and obviously, the chain itself has a lot of things going for it. But did you ever consider there to be any deflationary side of this at all? Or any way to burn tokens going forward?

José Maria Macedo 40:30
Yeah. So I don’t think… My general views on deflation is, is that I think it’s mostly a meme. And it’s necessary for something that’s trying to be a store of value, and which needs to be scarce. But for most… Most crypto is actually more similar to early stage tech, or to a network, rather than the store of value. And I think the right way to see inflation is just as a tax on the passive in favor of the active, right, good inflation. Good inflation means that if you’re just holding the token, and you’re not LPing or doing the things that basically allow you to earn the issuance, you get diluted, versus people who are doing that. I think the problem with Sushi is that the way the token model works, the fact that they only have the xSUSHI means that you basically have this stakeholder that’s just passively holding SUSHI, and really not providing liquidity. They don’t even have to participate in governance, they don’t have to do anything, and they’re just kind of a drain on the protocol. And that’s why, I think, the second part of Astro governance is really important, the vxASTRO part, because that means that most of the issuance… First of all, is determined by governors, which gives people an incentive to acquire more of the token in order to… Especially big LPs, or even protocols like Apollo or Spec that are building autocompounders on top of this, they’re incentivized to own ASTRO so that they can direct issuance their pools, and also so they can get their boosters, right. So they can get as much yield as possible, which they can pass on to their users and becomes a competitive advantage for them.

José Maria Macedo 42:02
So I think the vxASTRO bit is really important because it incentivizes token holders to become LPs and LPs to become token holders. Whereas in Sushi, those are two completely different demographics, right? You have LPs who are providing liquidity and they have, really, no reason to own SUSHI, and then you have xSUSHI holders who really have no reason to be LPs, and so you end up with these mismatched incentives. So I think the way that tokens designed here is super important. And I’m actually… Yeah, I mean, this is kind of down to the community to decide. But I personally think, xASTRO as well, is something that… It adds value in the sense that you have this liquid staking derivative. And I think there’s been some… This is something we’ll discuss with the community. But I think personally, most of the rewards should go to vxASTRO, to the people who are looking to lock up for a long time and really boost their governance power and become LPs. Because it’s just a better design in my mind. Let me know if that answers your question. Or if it’s confusing.

AA 42:59
Yeah, yeah, no, no, no, no, that’s really enlightening there. And so it seems like you’re just basically using the incentives to be able to predict, to have some psychological incentive for the behavioral prediction. You’d be able to get them to do what we’d like them to do, which is be active and participate and not be… Yeah. That makes a lot of sense.

José Maria Macedo 43:26
When you’re giving away tokens, it’s kind of fine as long as there’s someone that has a reason to buy them and use them, right. And so, with something like this, there’s always someone who wants to own ASTRO in order to… Because they’re big LPs, and they boost their yield, and they want to boost the issuance that their pools get. Or there’s always Apollo, which is going to be sort of an ASTRO blackhole, because the more ASTRO they have the higher yields they’ll be able to pass on to their users, in terms of the more TVL they’ll be able to facilitate with higher yield. So when you create good tokenomics, it just means that you don’t need deflation, because there’s someone…

AA 44:00
Yeah, use cases.

José Maria Macedo 44:02
Exactly. Your LPs actually want to own your token, whereas with SUSHI, there’s not really a reason for anyone to own the token, right? Especially when it’s being given away at that rate. So yeah, pretty…

AA 44:13
Yeah especially with Mars, I didn’t realize, we’re going to be able to use our x as collateral. So yeah, that’s also really, really great. So, very informative.

José Maria Macedo 44:25
Yeah. That’s the advantage of the x token is that you can use it as collateral, whereas the vx, it has that declining balance. So it’s not super useful, it’s quite hard to integrate with it. So that’s also the advantage of having the xASTRO there is that you have one that you can use as collateral, and obviously gives you a no boost to governance power. And then if you want to boost you give up the ability to use it as collateral, but you get more governance power, and more boosties on your LP. Sorry, marty, yeah, go ahead.

AA 44:53
Thank you.

marty 44:54
Can we get back to feedback?

Mario 44:56
Yeah. Let’s give Mario here, the chance to also ask this question marty, as he was also waiting now for a longer time. Then I would like to give it to Block and stefan and then marty, you would be next, or I think Hutch, one of you two. But just also be mindful of time. Sorry, marty. I hope that’s okay for you. If everybody hear a voice. Mario, if you’re up here.

Mario 45:17
Yeah. Thank you, danku, and thanks, marty. I got a couple short questions. Just to get this moving, I’ll condense them. For starters, this is more of a broad question that I think will help everybody out with the recent pump in Terra LUNA, having more people, more eyes on our site. Can you give me the best elevator pitch of your project that I can put into words, so that I can further advocate for this project?

danku 45:50
I think nobody better than José to do the elevator pitch on Astroport, I guess.

José Maria Macedo 45:55
Depends on how long the elevator ride is.

Mario 46:00
It’s an Empire State Building. [chuckle]

José Maria Macedo 46:01
Oh, shit. All right. Damn, I’d say it’s a flexible liquidity protocol. You can almost think of it as infrastructure for providing liquidity for any assets. So anyone can come in and create a pool type. And literally, it wants to be as flexible as possible. So you can create any kind of pool type, whether it’s Uniswap’s XYK, Curve’s stableswap, concentrated liquidity, Oracle models, whatever people come up with, and then let those pools compete for liquidity and route to… On the demand side, route users to the best pools that give them the best execution. And then have a community governance token model where the community can decide which pools deserve issuance based on what they think is valuable. Yeah. Probably someone else can… Alright nice.

Mario 46:51
No, I really appreciate that. And I guess a follow up question for people that would be halfway familiar with what’s going on here. If they were to say, “What’s the difference between our project and,” let’s say, “TerraSwap?” How would you emphasize on the importance of ours?

José Maria Macedo 47:10
Go ahead, Midas.

Midas 47:11
Right, I would say that the main… Or the most important thing about Astroport is that it has taken all the experience from all the AMMs on Ethereum, from all the builders and brought it to Terra in a one package solution. It’s gonna improve the whole landscape of the Terra ecosystem. That will be my summary.

danku 47:40
I would also like to add, they’re quickly in terms of I enjoyed so much right now listening to AA’s question and also José reflecting on the tokenomics. Because I mean, for me, as a farmer, people are probably watching partly the videos or reading the Medium article, where I made also the thesis for the Eco Farmer against the Bear Farmer, where he’s just telling his rewards immediately. That’s what I think is so impressive about Astroport, that it aligns the interests of the LP itself with also holding the token that he is interested to just hold them because he’s just getting more out of it. As José just elaborated, that’s the design of xASTRO and vxASTRO, which I’m looking myself forward to, right. It gives people an interest to stake within it, and also really provide liquidity for the reason of providing liquidity, which is making it a liquid market so that other people can swap. And right now I think we’re seeing on multiple spaces where people just provide liquidity just to get the rewards and say bye-bye once the rewards are either dumping down, or the price is not holding up anymore. That’s for my side, it’s something very interesting. And I’m looking forward how it’s developing.

Mario 47:44
Right. Yeah, I mean, incentive is definitely king. And I really appreciate you guys. I’ll hold my other question just to get to other people. But yeah, thank you.

danku 48:52
Very good. Thank you, Mister. Then let’s go next with stefan. And then we go to marty, and then Hutch.

stefan springer 48:57
Just a quick question if Astroport’s going to allow people to lock their LP in after the initial Lockdrop? If that’s going to be continuing to be used as incentive driver and more stability to allow people to lock in their liquidity and after the initial Lockdrop is over?

danku 49:19
Yeah, I think I can take this one quickly. Just out of also the data points is, afterwards Astroport starts as a normal DEX, and then you can provide liquidity without any lock. I think, what you’re hinting at is something like Osmosis is doing, right. Osmosis, you can… Or you have to lock your liquidity for one day, seven days or 14 days, unless José says now this is planned, this is not part of Astroport, right?

José Maria Macedo 49:42
Right. Yeah. I mean, you lock your LP tokens in the generator to kind of get your boosties and stuff, but there’s nothing planned like that. I personally like the Osmosis thing, and I also like the… I don’t know if anyone saw that WineSwap AMM that came up on Terrra a while ago, where he designed it… Or he or she, actually, designed it as LPs would basically earn more fees as they spend more time in the pool. I think that’s interesting. The trade off is obviously you’re going to end up with pools that are just like, where the LPs are earning so many fees that there’s no incentive for anyone else to come in, because they’ve been there so long. And so, I think on Astroport, the way I would see something like that happen would just be, the community designs a pool like that where you have… So for example, one way of doing it would be with passport. Taking an on-chain holding score or something and distributing fees based on it, or just making it so that… Yeah, implementing a kind of WineSwap mechanism where the longer you’re in the pool, the more fees you get. And then that pool can sort of compete, right, in the marketplace for liquidity. And if it ends up attracting the most liquidity and winning, then it succeeds. But I think that’s the cool thing about Astroport is that you can have all these experiments, and different kinds of pools, and different kinds of designs, and have them all compete for liquidity. And ultimately, it’s also up to the community to kind of decide which pools it wants to reward with issuance, which experiments are valuable to run, whether we want LPs to be more long term oriented, or whether we want anyone to be able to kind of come in and be an LP for a short amount of time. These are all questions, I think, probably we’ll have to run experiments and see how it goes and kind of decide as a community.

danku 50:12
Cool. Thank you. Great question, stefan. Let’s go next with marty.

marty 51:36
So thank you. First, I think the structure of this launch is really beautiful. But I’d like to go back to the person who suggested or recommended some kind of benefit for going in early. So I have a lot of loose sight from taking companies public. And I thought I saw a hint of that kind of with the Whale NFT that came out, if you’ve seen that. Maybe that might be something kind of non-economic to do, which is just basically create an NFT for the people who come in on the first day that says, “I was an investor on day one of this project,” and whether you locked to the person or not, may not be relevant, but I think it might be a little fun thing for people to have. Just a fun thing that they’ll remember in the future. And again, thank you for doing such a good job with this launch and having this group.

José Maria Macedo 52:42
Appreciate it. Yeah, I like that idea. I like the idea of using NFTs generally to reward behaviors that the protocol likes. It’s just a few… It kind of has to be that it’s something people don’t know about, right? And then you get it anyway, because otherwise, it ends up being gamed kind of the same way. But I’m super… Yeah, I really like that idea.

danku 53:07
Cool. Thank you, marty, for the question. Mr. Hutch, how are you?

Hutch 53:11
Excellent. Thank you guys for doing this. I had some questions about this. And I know danku_r and Jimmy have a video and I was kind of putting it off, busy with other things. So anyway, I’m happy you guys are doing this. From my standpoint, I really am bullish ASTRO token. And I’m trying to figure out how to maximize… I wasn’t able to do as much of the Phase 1 Lockdrop as I wanted to, because LUNA’s price hadn’t pumped and I had to borrow to do it. And so now I have a certain amount of ASTRO tokens. So I’m wondering, is it better for me just to stake that, and then provide UST? Because if I provide both, I may have some impermanent loss, even though I get a 39% kind of upfront thing. And then the second part of that question is, those numbers I’m seeing, “Current upfront ASTRO reward 39%. Current ASTRO reward per 1,000 UST, 291.” Is that going to change as the days go by and more and more people lock? So two part question, how do I really maximize how much ASTRO I get to keep and buy and hold for a long, long time? Second part, how do I read this Phase 2, and how to gamify it if my goal is just to really acquire as much long term ASTRO as possible? Thanks.

José Maria Macedo 54:22
Yeah. So there’s a few questions in there. Maybe danku, do you want to start and I’ll add in? Or…

danku 54:35
Yeah, I mean, in terms of what I understand from Hutch’s, in very short, what is the best way to maximize your ASTRO, right, if you would now… And the second part of the question is, are the rewards we’re seeing right now on the front end going down? So the second one is pretty easy. So the more time passes, the more people add either ASTRO or UST, for sure. Right now there, what you’re seeing there will go down, that’s 100% the case. Something that I think was not yet that much clear, and I also didn’t mention this in my video with Jimmy, sorry for that, is that you can always withdraw UST, and from day six and seven, you can only really withdraw abd not add UST anymore, but ASTRO cannot be withdrawn. So you can only add ASTRO, but you cannot withdraw it. So once you decide to really go in with your ASTRO, that’s in there. So this is the second part of your question also hopefully answering. And the first part is more like, what to do best. I don’t know José, if you can elaborate on that. I, myself, not 100% sure what is the 100% way. I don’t think that there is one right, because you cannot control what other people are adding in terms of ASTRO and UST.

José Maria Macedo 55:40
Yeah, I mean, one thing about IL though is, people seem to mention it a lot. I think probably after launch, we’ll try and put together an IL calculator, though there’s a lot of them out there just for people to play with. Because IL is kind of a meme unless something really, really pumped or basically unless the things move against each other in a really, really violent way. And generally over normal time periods, it’s compensated for by fees and issuance, and certainly in this case with the drop up front. So yeah, it’s worth playing with a calculator just to get a feel for IL, because I think people often overstate actually how much IL there is. But then, in terms of participation, the best way to acquire ASTRO, I mean, the best way is obviously UST, because you’re acquiring half the ASTRO exposure with UST, so you’re requiring more ASTRO. Assuming the bonus… Assuming you want to get the maximum bonus, I guess that would be putting in… But again, putting in your ASTRO, it kind of… And this is where I think we made a mistake with the design, where putting in your ASTRO now, there’s less incentive to do so because you can wait until the end and put in your ASTRO, which is why we should have had a shorter deposit time for the ASTRO. But yeah, you can put in your ASTRO and obviously you’ll get the bonus and then you can kind of match that with UST. So it doesn’t dilute your ASTRO effectively. And then the USt also gives you some control of what price you want to pay, right? Because you can withdraw the UST in the last two days. And if you don’t like… If you think ASTRO is overpriced at that point, you can just withdraw your UST. But I’d say probably adding UST is the best way to maximize your… Or the easiest way to maximize your ASTRO exposure. Obviously not investment advice or whatever.

Hutch 57:32
No, of course, that’s great. And it sounds like it may behoove me to just kind of wait over the next call at 40 hours and just kind of recalculate towards the end of day three or three to go or whatever, is that correct? Like once I hit the two and one, the green numbers, now I’m kind of locked in, right. But just kind of see if I want to deposit ASTRO versus just, “Hey, I got my ASTRO,” just hold it and then deposit UST after day three, like just kind of wait till I have… I kind of see what it’s gonna be before I have no more choices, correct?

José Maria Macedo 58:07
Yeah. Yeah, I mean, I kind of wish I wasn’t saying this in front of you, but yeah, probably. Yeah. I mean, if you have UST…

Hutch 58:14
Appreciate the transparency.

José Maria Macedo 58:16
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I mean, it’ll be fixed for next time, but if you have the UST, you can kind of also like… Yeah, I mean, yeah. That’s the easiest way. I won’t go into too many strats.

Hutch 58:30
Cool. I’ll probably do some of both. Thanks, everybody.

danku 58:33
Thank you, Mr. Hutch. Let’s take the last two questions here. I think Chris was first and then we’ll go with sunlover to finish it up.

Chris 58:42
Hi, I think I might be asking something pretty similar to Hutch. I just was a bit confused. So if I, say, have 1,000 ASTRO tokens, and I put them all into this Phase 2, does the 1,000 tokens… Do I lose half of them to UST? So is that right? And if that’s the case, if I want to keep the 1,000 I should just hold back and instead of depositing any ASTRO I just deposit UST in this Phase 2, is that right?

José Maria Macedo 59:13
Yes. Or you deposit ASTRO and UST, right, so that you kind of do both, is what I was getting at before. ‘Cause yeah, when you deposit ASTRO you’re giving up half of your ASTRO exposure. So you can recreate that by putting in 500 UST, in your example, and then you’re also getting more bonus.

Chris 59:35
So instead of putting in the… Okay, so I could put in the 1,000 ASTRO into the Phase 2 and then match it with the… Bring in an equal amount of UST. Or I could just, say, put half of my ASTRO in and match that with bringing some UST, is that right?

José Maria Macedo 59:54
Yeah. Yep.

danku 59:56
What I would like to add there, and José, maybe correct me in terms of the… You don’t know if it’s 50:50 also for your UST until you see the last price point, depending on the both sides of the pool, right? So I guess you could add a increasingly high amount of UST independent of where you think the price is and then adjust it at the last two days. Right to get close to this, to really be at 50:50 in the end.

José Maria Macedo 59:57
That’s right. Yeah, that’s it, that’s exactly right. That’s what I was getting at before where, if you have… It depends how big your ASTRO is versus your UST. But if you have enough UST, you can kind of pretty much make sure that you know, you don’t give up any ASTRO exposure by just having enough UST in there as well, and maximizing your bonus that way. If that makes sense. Maybe danku could probably explain it better.

Chris 1:00:49
Could I just ask, so to guarantee I keep holding those 1,000 ASTRO, just to myself, I could just stake none of… Or put none of that into the pool. And instead just bring in, like 1,000 UST, and some of that will go to ASTRO, will convert to ASTRO, is that right?

danku 1:01:08
Yeah, I mean, if your highest interest is really to keep your 1,000 ASTRO, and you don’t want to lose it due to the dilution of the pool. Let’s say right now, I think the ASTRO price is at $1.35, you would then need to add $1,350 to then start for the pool at 50:50 exposure, right? Then you really would go and just get on top the rewards, and then the fees, and the generator rewards later on, right. If you really want to do that, that would be the way forward. But if you only want to keep your ASTRO exposure, you could keep it and hold it. You of course miss, then, the rewards on the ASTRO side. But yeah, that that could be two strategies. Let me know if that makes sense.

Chris 1:01:49
Okay, so if I just want to keep the ASTRO, I can just deposit some UST and just see how it goes, and that’ll involve me in this Phase 2.

danku 1:02:02
You can do that, ser. Yes.

Chris 1:02:06
Okay, thanks very much.

danku 1:02:08
Thank you, and then we finish it up with sunlover, what a great name to finish this one.

sunlover 1:02:14
Hi, I’ve got a question ,kind of from a builders perspective, not necessarily related to Phase 2. So I’m sorry if this has already been asked. But you mentioned flexible… It allows flexible liquidity pools like Curve and Uniswap. But I’m wondering what sort of tools and/or limitations are there for building new types of pools with new mechanisms introduced by the communities and builders? Is it sort of up to a programming interface when creating smart contracts or there are actually going to be tools within the Astroport application to allow for creating, adding some customability to the pools that are created?

José Maria Macedo 1:02:55
I think initially, it’ll be the former so there’s not going to be really any tools to help create custom pools. I think over time, those tools will emerge as the community decides for those tools to emerge, like one that I mentioned before is like the passport integration. I think having things like editable curves could could potentially make sense at some point. But yeah, I think initially, it’ll be… There’ll be the types of pools that exist. And then the community will be able to propose new pool types and vote those in to be one of the potential pool types available on Astro.

sunlover 1:03:29
Alright, thanks for answering that. And so suppose I’m creating a new pool in Astroport as an LP creator. Will there be some configuration in the UI for defining some of the LP settings?

José Maria Macedo 1:03:45
Yeah, yeah. So you’ll be able to decide between an XYK pool, for which there is no configuration, and then a stableswap pool where there’ll be a few different kinds. And I think initially, there’s not going to be a UI for it, just ’cause it’s complicated, and I think, want to make sure that people understand what’s going on, but you’ll be able to kind of adjust the amplification factor and a few other things on that. And then eventually, there will also be sort of… Well, if there’s other pool types, like concentrated liquidity or something, then you’d be able to select that as well in that UI.

sunlover 1:04:21
Okay, that answers my question. Thank you.

José Maria Macedo 1:04:24
No worries.

danku 1:04:25
Cool. Thank you, Mister. Great. We went a little bit over time today, but also with all the hiccup in the beginning, poor Stefan dropping out, I think he never came back. He probably went to bed. [chuckle] “It’s over for me today.” But grateful, Ze, that you just jumped on here and also answered all those questions. It was a great discussion in the end. So Midas, maybe you can tell everybody where to go if they have special questions. I guess the Discord is a great place to go. But there’s also some docs, right?

Midas 1:04:55
Yeah, so you can go to if you want to ask any questions on Discord, or you can go to docs,, and you can find the GitBook in that place, and all the Frequently Asked Questions, the tokenomics, and everything that we have talked before. So feel free to drop by, if you have any questions, on the Discord and hey, thanks José for dropping by here and answering all the questions. And everybody who has been here just asking questions and hearing all the answers, thank you very much for your time. And danku, of course, you are a champ and you’re a master, most, in these Spaces. So thank you very much as well.

danku 1:05:51
Yeah, big pleasure ,man. Always fun. Cool then, I guess, until the next time everybody have a good night, or day, depending where you are. See you soon.

José Maria Macedo 1:06:00
Thanks everyone.

Finn 1:06:02
Thanks for checking out another episode of The Ether. That was the AstroSync Phase 2 AMA hosted by danku and Astroport. For, I’m Finn, thanks for listening.